Yoga at The Lights

Any bustling metropolis faces loads of pedestrians waiting at busy intersections for their turn to cross the road. Designer Li Ming feels that there is a lot waiting time wasted and we can utilize it as “meaningful time”, perhaps with some exercise and fun. A stretch here and a pull there… like synchronized yoga asana! By the time the lights turn green, you’re the next Jane Fonda!

Designer: Li Ming Hsing

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Steven says:

    Hi Li Ming Hsing. Nice design but i would like to sugest maybe to offer this product for companies… this is a good way to make that all employes in one area of work take a rest and make the exersises to improve the quality of life… I think that could work.. Example: at 3 p.m all days. the light start.. everyboby stop working, get up, make 20 min of exersise (The light show what exersises should do everybody and timing)… and start working again… that would minimise cost for the company because they wont need to hire somebody to traing the employes..

    Kind regards..


  • sunnylove says:

    So interesting light, i can't imagine what will happen when you through the road and see it, but l like this light, good idea!

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