Cake Slev concept is a powerful electric cargo trike for city hauling needs

Swedish electric motorbike and moped maker, Cake has a very unique take on two-wheelers of the current generation. Be it the Kalk, Ösa, Åik or Makka – each one of them caters to modern city life, serious off-roading skirmishes, or cargo hauling requirements. They all have a compelling enough reason for the buyers to choose them over any other option on the market.

Inspired by the design philosophy at Cake, Ivan Zhurba has proposed the design of a Trike cargo bike bearing the Cake branding. The design of this electric vehicle is based on the Ösa line-up of zero-emission commuters by Cake, and it is quite obvious.

Designer: Ivan Zhurba

Dubbed “Cake Slev” the electric commuter aims to enhance the possibilities of transportation and delivery of mid-sized cargo. The front section on this one is heavily modified to expand the traditional functionality, and make the bike function as a family bike, daily commuter, or cargo hauler when needed. From what I see, it is for the most part, a delivery bike that can double up as a joy ride for the kids at home.

Cake Slev can be loaded with an eco-friendly felt cover that has magnetic buttons, making this cargo trike a very practical all-weather delivery vehicle. The rear wheels have covers to keep the all-season dirt away from the main body of the bike. Ivan has preserved the color theme and the basic design language to preserve the traditional brand aesthetics and asceticism.

From what I can comprehend, the trike is more suited for small businesses requiring a compact vehicle to move around cargo. The high riding position ensures it stays put in any rough riding conditions and  clear of any inclement weather consequences. The assisted electric motor produces enough torque to get it going at steep inclines. The large electric battery is stored under the saddle to keep the center of gravity bang in the center. Remember, it’s mostly going to be a cargo hauler with all the load at the front otherwise.