This electrified trailer expands the use-case-scenarios of your e-bicycle

As an eco-conscious bicycle rider, how many times have you longed for more cargo space to carry groceries or tow around kids? Times when you wished you had the liberty of extra space whenever needed?

The Biomega EIN weightless trailer is the answer to all these predicaments – bringing a utility many will fancy. The lightweight electric bicycle trailer is a useful solution for sustainable transport in urban situations— places where no emissions and compact mobility are preferred.

Designer: Mayone Design

This award-winning design for Biomega is ideal for a modern urban lifestyle and no-frills mobility, the way you demand. The electric powered single wheel trailer can haul medium-sized cargo or a couple of kids. The onboard motor detects the motion of the bike and provides assisted power to seamlessly tow behind it. So, you’ll be getting able assistance on inclines when required, and no assistance when going downhill.

Safety is paramount here, so the bike comes with regulatory reflector badges and reflective bands on the sides, making it visible during dark hours or commuting in inclement weather conditions. The weight is another factor that’s important for the trailer to be viable in practical situations, hence, the monocoque capsule design. There’s a kickstand too for easy parking and the wheel is also of a standard bicycle size for adaptability with most models out there. The rechargeable digital motor and the battery pack reside at the bottom of the trailer for visual aesthetics.

The makers claim the bicycle trailer to be ultra-lightweight and agile enough to tow around in tight spaces which is a huge plus. Would an eco-conscious city commuter want this for times when there is a desperate need? Absolutely yes, given the option to attach it on demand rather than having it there all the time