Mad Scientist Coffee Maker

Forget the drip! The Café Balão coffee maker is not only cooler looking than plain ol’ mechanical coffee makers, it also makes an entire pot 3 times as fast! In cork and glass, it’s peculiar  science-lab aesthetic is sure to be a conversation starter.

Designer: Davide Mateus


  • Dan says:

    Interesting but it seems like it heats the coffee after the extraction of from the bean. So you loose the oil extraction because the water is cold when going through the bean. If this was a modification on the premise of the cold press or toddy you would require a longer phase of soaking the grounds.

    It looks very cool but it seems to miss so many of the steps and procedures I’ve learned over the years to brew a cup of coffee. Design should improve upon or come up with an equal or better solution. Faster and looks cool is more the domain of cars.

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Dan, look this up:

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Sorry, Dan, the link I pasted did not shop up in the post. Odd. Anyway, look up “Vacuum coffee maker” on e.g. Wikipedia.

  • James says:

    Hey Dan I was reading your comment and I think you might be a little confused, it’s based around the same principles as a syphon coffee maker, from what I can see is the water is being heated by an element which then causes a pressure difference forcing the water up into the top chamber where is then brews, then you remove the side cork which then causes the air in the bottom flask to be pushed out by the water/coffee pushing down. If that makes sense 😃

  • Rich W says:

    Actually no need to remove the bottom cork. Remove power and as the water in the lower cools the steam condenses, making a partial vacuum that draws the brewed coffee through the filter and back into the lower vessel. Other than the heating method it is a standard vacuum siphon coffee maker design as first developed about 1840. I still make coffee daily with a Nicro, Silex or Cory vacuum coffee maker from when they were a common coffee brewing method in the USA, basically from 1930 to 1960 or so. Make outstanding coffee and as user controlled more versatile than the current automatic drip machines. Brewers still made by Yama, Bodum, Haro and others or old ones available on ebay.

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