This cute door chime welcomes guests with tranquil notes like a chirpy bird

People use door chimes for different reasons, but it’s all for the sake of announcing someone’s arrival or departure. Traditional chimes are made from pieces of metal that hit each other when they move, but there are also newer chimes that use electronics to produce a wider variety of sounds. Depending on how often that happens, the sounds that these chimes can begin to be irritating or tiresome, especially if the kind or quality of the sound isn’t at all pleasant. At the same time, however, a door chime can’t be too soft or forgettable because it would eventually lose its purpose. This door chime is, fortunately, not your typical door accessory, and the tunes it makes might make you even look forward to coming home after a long day at work or, better yet, to family and friends coming over to visit.

Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi for Timbre

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The mechanics of typical non-electronic door chimes are pretty much the same, no matter the design. There are parts that move when the door swings open or closes, and these parts hit each other to produce sound the same way percussion instruments work. There are some chimes that are made of wood, which produces deeper and more muted sounds with a narrower range of tones. Common door chimes, however, use metal, and the sounds they make can vary wildly depending on the shape and size of those chimes. Over time, the sounds can start to become either too annoying or too boring, causing a bit of mental stress you might not even be aware of.

The Tori chimes, named after the Japanese word for “bird,” uses the same mechanics but achieve a very different outcome thanks to meticulous attention to detail. Shaped like a bird with metallic tail feathers, the chime’s movement causes the tail to sway and produce sound. The sound, however, is more like the tranquil and calming chirps of birds in their natural habitat. It’s a sound that coaxes our minds to wander off to more peaceful images rather than associating the sound with an unwelcome disruption.

This chirpy greeter, however, isn’t just about the sounds it makes, though that definitely takes center stage. The chime’s minimalist yet colorful design makes it an ideal accent for any door. While most door chimes are located near the top and out of sight, this avian simulacrum is something you’ll want every to see, perhaps to evoke a bit of envy at your charming decor. The die-cast zinc body gives it a sturdy and distinctive form that you can attach to any ferrous metal surface with ease.

Whether you’re stepping out to start your day, coming back home after hours of traffic, or simply opening your doors to welcomed guests, this attractive door chime’s glittering sounds are sure to set the right, positive mood. Simple, cute, and calming, this twittering bird will ease its way not just into your home but into your heart as well, providing a brief period of peace at every chime.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59.