Skate-X brings a genuine skateboard feel to a premium e-scooter for everyone

Electric scooters or e-scooters are no longer oddities on roads these days. They offer efficient, economical, and environment-friendlier ways to get from point A to point B, especially if you’re traveling by your lonesome self. Most e-scooters nowadays tend to look a lot like each other, almost as if they’ve already exhausted all the design possibilities for this personal mobility device. There are a few outliers, of course, but most e-scooters tend to just focus on improving this or that technical feature that improves the e-scooter’s efficiency. Power and beauty don’t have to be mutually exclusive, though, and this electric scooter brings a refreshing new design that takes inspiration not just from the looks of a skateboard but also from the feel of riding on one.

Designer: Ryan Daughtridge

Click Here to Buy Now: $639

The basic design of an e-scooter is pretty much standard by now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any wiggle room to offer a refreshing take like this bold newcomer. In opposition to the large and bulky e-scooters that litter the market, the Skate-X is espousing minimalism to create not only a pleasing visual aesthetic but also a lean form that helps keep the vehicle light. For example, it uses a simple yet effective three-pole frame to securely hold the skateboard deck instead of the typical hefty platforms you’d find on other electric scooters.

Yes, there is a genuine, seven-ply skateboard deck that brings a unique character to this e-scooter. The extra-wide and concave-shaped platform not only offers a better foothold but also creates a look and feel that you won’t find on any other e-scooter. Given how smooth and swift you’ll be riding on the Skate-X, you might even begin to think you’re actually riding a skateboard instead.

25% Grade Climbing – Cruise up hills up to 25° steep with a powerful 500W motor.

All Terrain – Extra large 9” tires (10” air-filled tires for Pro) give a cushy smooth ride on hard terrain.

That skateboard soul is thanks to the e-scooter’s astounding 500W motor that makes short work of steep inclines up to 25 degrees. 9-inch tires (or 10-inch air-filled wheels for the Pro model) lets your roll on the road or off-road with ease. The 360Wh battery lets the Skate-X reach that sweet 20-mile range, taking the experience beyond skateboards and regular e-scooters. And with a top speed of 22mph, you’ll be breezing through streets and roads in comfort and style.

Quick Fold & Carry – Patented push-button folding system for quick subway rides.

You might argue that, aside from the skateboard deck, some of these features can be found in a few premium e-scooters. The keyword here, however, is “premium,” which often carries a price tag to match. That means that it’s a luxury that only a few people will be able to afford, a far cry from how the skateboard brought swift and fun riding to the masses. Fortunately, the Skate-X isn’t your typical premium e-scooter in that regard, either.

For only $499 (or $799 for a Pro model) during this Super Early Bird period, you can get a dashing e-scooter that lets you swiftly dash on roads and hills without breaking a sweat, all while looking cool. With the Skate-X, you can experience the power of a premium e-scooter in a striking design for under $1,000, an affordable luxury that everyone can enjoy.

Click Here to Buy Now: $639