A sleek detachable handle transforms this iron frying pan into a handsome plate

There’s nothing more appetizing than seeing a scrumptious meal placed in an eye-catching arrangement on your plate. While all food ends up the same way in our bellies, making a good first impression is not something that should be taken for granted. Chefs take great care when arranging food on plates, but those of us who cook at home might not have the same talent. Or perhaps you simply want to cut out the middle man and just eat immediately after a meal has been cooked. Whichever way you want it to go, this iron frying pan and plate in one lets you do exactly that and in a beautiful design that embodies Japanese minimalism.

Designers: TENT and Fujita Metal

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It might sound ridiculous at first. Why would anyone want to eat out of a frying pan in the first place? Of course, that question is valid if you only consider those large, messy, and sticky frying pans in everyone’s kitchens. JIU, however, is different. You could almost say that it’s a plate that you can cook your food on or a frying plate with a removable handle. Whatever you call it, it’s definitely a novel way to look at cooking and eating.

Part of the secret of what makes this proposition both possible and even attractive is the uncoated, thick iron plate that makes up the body of the plate or frying pan. Thanks to this material, you can cook food slowly under low heat, never letting natural juices go to waste and keeping the crispiness of the ingredients inside. And since you don’t have to transfer the food from pan to plate, you can enjoy your meal while it’s warm.

Of course, one of the reasons why people will think it’s crazy to eat from a frying pan is because of the cookware’s handle that will undoubtedly get in the way. This is easily solved with an innovative, patent-pending design that’s genius in its simplicity. The sliding mechanism will let you easily attach and detach that wooden handle as needed, latching securely onto the wide rim of the plate to give stability when lifting the metal vessel, never touching the food at any point.

As a frying pan, the JIU isn’t “seasoned” or treated, so it’s ready to use right out of the packaging. It’s stick-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t even need detergent to wash off remnants on the pan. Best of all, it looks quite stylish in its minimalism, the dark iron surface letting the colors of the food really pop out. Now you no longer have to worry about styling your food after transferring it to your plate because your plate is the same pan you cooked your food on. With this iron frying plate, cooking and eating become one.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69