This multifunctional product has been designed to work as a clothing rack and a treadmill!

We love multifunctional product designs here but I have to admit, I have never thought of a treadmill and a clothing rack in one! But then again, we use our office chairs as an “open closet” so this concept isn’t entirely alien. ‘Walk and Hang’ is a project that functions as a basic treadmill as well as a clothing rack in one sleek design.

Both clothing racks and treadmills are usually an eyesore in any home because they look out of place and are super bulky. One of the key aspects of ‘Walk and Hang’ is its aesthetically pleasing form that looks neither like a treadmill nor like a clothing rack. In fact, it looks like a minimal standing table if I ever saw one inside someone’s house and had to take a wild guess. It rests in a folding table-like form and can be opened fully into a treadmill or only partly at the top for the racks. It saves a lot of floor area indoors, especially if it’s a shared space and even more so after the pandemic where you need more room for a work-from-home setup.

“I tried to satisfy everything of the product’s original function and user’s habits, and solved space problems and considered usability by combining the two products together,” says designer Jinyoung Noh. Since this is a concept, I will let my imagination run wild – clothing racks are often placed where sunlight hits the hardest so clothes dry fast, I would love to see this treadmill be turned into a solar-powered one by capitalizing on that same sunlight. ‘Walk and Hang’ is a slim treadmill and definitely the most beautiful clothing rack I’ve ever seen!

Designer: Jinyoung Noh