The Instant Lab turns your phone into a polaroid!

As a proud owner of a similar device, I can vouch for how amazing it is to be able to click selfies and pictures, edit them, and then print them out on instant film. You get a level of control that you just don’t get with other instant cameras. You can take multiple shots and select which one you want to immortalize in print, and you can even crop, rotate, edit, and tweak photos to make them look absolutely spectacular.

The Impossible Instant Lab converts these images into print, using a camera lens and instant-film. A bellow structure opens upwards to create a dark-room of sorts, and you place your phone on top, with the image you want to print opened on your phone’s screen. The Instant Lab comes with its own app that lets you customize your picture, cropping it to a square, as well as deciding how much exposure you want your print to have. Place the phone (with the image loaded on the app) on top of the Instant Lab and pull the shutter outwards. The camera does the rest, clicking a picture of your phone’s screen and translating it on print. Press the film-release button and the print comes cascading outwards and develops within seconds!

Aside from giving you the freedom to choose, crop, tweak, and print photos of your choice, the Instant Lab also gives you the ability to create Polaroid-style (and Polaroid level) pictures without really owning a Polaroid or an Instax. Universally compatible, you can print pictures from a week to even a year ago, giving you the ability to relive memories through a beautiful physical print! 100% would recommend for your next Christmas holiday card!

Designer: The Impossible Project

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