This skyscraper-inspired speaker brings your love of architecture to your home!

Inspired by modern urban city landscapes, designer Jaeyong Lee has created this beautiful Bluetooth speaker which would sit elegantly in your home. This 2.1 channel speaker is made from aluminum extrusion panels whose sleek look is reminiscent of the long skyscrapers scattered across cities.

Called the FAKES speaker, its body which is made of a rectangular form consists of a linear grill and a ridge pattern on the adjacent side, while the other two sides are flat. These ridges include within them the knobs for controlling the various functions and beautifully blend with the serrated pattern when not in use. You can also use these ridges to place your phone in a tilted position.

The outer body comes in a variety of anodized aluminum colors and colorful speaker meshes which give a brilliant visual appeal. Now, the speaker is meant to be placed horizontally flat on one of the longer sides, but I can’t help but want to keep it standing tall just like the skyscrapers it mimics!

Designer: Jaeyong Lee of Weekend-Works