The Winding side table doubles up as a stool and features an interesting ‘nose’

If you’ve ever even remotely spent time in the design world on Instagram, then you’ve for sure come across Deniz Aktay. His simple, minimal, yet genius furniture pieces have slowly but surely taken the IG world by storm. The success of his designs lies in the fact that they’re oh so simple, elegant, and yet packed with massive functionality. The simplicity will almost make you wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’, but unfortunately for us and luckily for Aktay, no one else can conjure these designs up except him. He’s created wonders – from a unique bookshelf that functions as a side table to a coffee table design with intriguing layers. And, we’re currently drooling over the Winding side table.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

There’s just something about a multifunctional piece of furniture that ticks all the checkboxes for me! Imagine a product that’s been designed to work as a clothing rack and a treadmill. Or a side table that transforms into a chair. Space-saving goals much? That’s the magic of a multifunctional furniture design. It looks like a single product, but functions as more than one! They’re a smart option for our modern urban homes, which tend to be pretty cramped, hence adding multiple bulky and cumbersome furniture designs to them isn’t really an option. But multifunctional pieces that serve a variety of purposes, and solve a bunch of unique problems can be a lifesaver in such situations. And the Winding side table is one such brilliant design.

This minimalistic and warm side table also doubles up as a stool. Aktay’s designs are infamous for doubling up as something or the other and doing so extremely subtly and smartly. The furniture piece is like a continuous piece of plywood folded and bent into varying angles. It artfully curves at the top to create a thick platform that functions either as a side table or a stool, depending upon your mood – whether you want to place your favorite vase or your bum on it.

The curve which is formed to build the main platform of the design is its most stark highlight. You can compare it to a ‘nose’, or you could in fact call it the ‘nose’ of the furniture design. The nose is made using multiple plywood shims to give the impression of a singular piece of plywood that although bent, still maintains a continuous and harmonious form.

The Winding side table has a compact size, which makes it ideal for our modern-day cramped homes, or even the ever-popular tiny homes. You can deftly slide the table/stool into any corner of your home, and it would seamlessly merge with its surroundings owing to its neutral and soothing aesthetics.