This AI-robot cleans your floors and guards your doors so you can safely work-from-home

It’s honestly a pretty clever idea, combining two functions into one singular robot that can perform home-maintenance as well as home-security.

Meet Lucy, an AI bot that fulfills the jobs of a Roomba as well as a Nest Security Cam. With an auto-navigation system guiding it, a 3000Pa vacuum underneath it, and a day-and-night wide-angle camera on the front of it, Lucy does floor-sweeps and security-sweeps at the same time. It relies on its in-built guidance system to segregate your house by room, allowing it to clean or monitor individual rooms at a time. Built with a battery that gives it 2 hours of performance, Lucy can navigate rooms, avoid no-go-zones, and even patrol your house based on a route you set.

Lucy’s ability to clean as well as screen your household (I have no shortage of clever phrases) is thanks to its 6-core ARM System-on-a-Chip, which allows it to run as efficiently as it does. The AI-bot comes equipped with a depth sensor and a 1080p camera that can detect objects as little as 1-inch high, allowing it to avoid toys, books, socks, or anything that may be lying around on the floor, and directly target dust, dirt, crumbs, and furballs. The camera’s human and pet-recognition allows it to avoid, but most importantly surveil living obstacles, pinging you if it sees someone new. Video instantly gets streamed directly to your phone so you know if there’s ever an intruder breaking into your house, and an intercom system literally lets you speak to family members or intruders right through the app and Lucy’s native microphone and speaker setup. If a talking vacuum cleaner doesn’t freak out a burglar or trespasser, I honestly don’t know what will.

While Lucy can be controlled directly via the app, its compatibility with Amazon Alexa makes things infinitely easier. The bot’s ability to segregate and name rooms means you can just tell Alexa to turn on Lucy and get it to ‘clean the kitchen’, or ‘sweep the guest bedroom’ and the bot does its thing…. and when Lucy runs low on power, her auto-homing feature allows her to return to her dock for charging, until her next cleaning/patrolling session, so you can run your home and work-from-home in peace!

Designer: Trifo Design

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Lucy – The Original AI Home Robot

Lucy is an AI-powered home robot that keeps learning her environment and protects the family while she cleans. Lucy comes with a 1080P HDR color camera and a depth sensor that ensures night vision, providing unique day and night surveillance functionality on a mobile platform.

Lucy is the first smart home robot to recognize and divide rooms automatically. With an advanced 6-core ARM SoC, Lucy pushes the limit of accurate and efficient inference and brings edge AI to reality. For example, while most home robots cannot recognize obstacles less than 4” tall, Lucy sees it all, down to 1”. Slippers, lost socks, moving pets, and even unexpected pet accidents never come into contact with her.

Features & Benefits

Day & Night Vision – Her 1080p HD camera and infrared camera can stream live video and audio during the day or night. Lucy is sensitive to any slight movements while you’re away from home.

Always on Duty – At every opportunity, she takes the time to learn more about our home. Utilizing the onboard camera imagery and active depth sensor, Lucy develops detailed indoor maps, devises efficient cleaning and patrol routes, and automatically divides and names your rooms, so you don’t have to.

Maximum Power – Crumbs, pet hair, and dust don’t stand a chance to the optimized brushes and 3,000 Pa of suction of Lucy. She attacks deep into corners with her six-claw side brush. The larger dustbin and washable primary filter make it easier for Lucy to stay sharp and ready for any mess.

Home App – Program her remotely to set no-go lines, pre-define patrolling routes, and more. You can even manually drive Lucy from your phone or tablet. The free app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Click Here to Buy Now: $519 $798 (35% off). Hurry, only 32/50 left!