This bureau-style desk comes with a foldout table, a shelf, and even a dock for your laptop

Where was this when I was searching for WFH furniture?!

Designed by Japan-based Taiji Fujimori Atelier, the Writing Bureau creates the perfect nook for your productive work sessions. It sports a small footprint thanks to its folding design, but opens out into a spacious writing surface for your notepads, tablets, phone, charger, and finally your laptop. A slot at the back also lets you dock your laptop and shut the desk when not in use.

Designer: Taiji Fujimori Atelier

The Writing Bureau creates a wonderfully immersive space that captures your attention by surrounding your periphery. The vertical panel behind the desk is perfect for post-it notes and other memorabilia/accessories, and a shelf-space underneath the desk is ideal for storing books, chargers, and anything you might need to access while working.

The desk comes made from Lauan laminated plywood, with a wax finish to smoothen out the edges, and sits on stainless steel legs that are capped off with melamine floor protectors. The desk starts at 172,500 yen ($1278 USD) , along with a $48 shipping fee.