This robotic icing-assistant helps you intricately decorate cakes using your existing 3D printer!

As a person with moderately good sketching skills (how I got my design degree, I don’t know), and pathetic handwriting (should’ve become a doctor instead, but I don’t deal well with pandemics), the Cakewalk 3D looks like an absolute delight to me! Designed to mount onto your existing 3D printer, the Cakewalk 3D is a handy food extruder that lets you decorate cakes, make meringues, adorn your pizza with ornate cheese patterns, or write your name in guacamole on a burrito. If there’s any food that can be extruded, the Cakewalk 3D can pretty much extrude it, thanks to a stainless-steel food-tube, a helix that pushes the food out like an Archimedes screw, and a Nema 17 motor that runs the extrusions while the entire setup (which gets mounted on the X-Y axis arm of your printer) moves back and forth to create complex patterns that you feed into your printer program.

Think of the Cakewalk 3D as an automated version of your hands and a piping-bag. The extruder holds your piping material, which could be anything from icing and whipped cream to chocolate, honey, meringue, or even savory items like ketchup, guacamole (preferably non-chunky), and veggie puree. Designed to work with most standard 3D printers including the ones from brands like Creality, Anet, Anycubic, Alfawise, Prusa, or any FDM printer, the Cakewalk 3D operates using software you’re already familiar with including the Gcode you need to set the printer paths. All you need to do is prepare your food to a slightly runny consistency (think honey or ketchup) and load it into the extrusion-chamber. Assemble your parts and connect the Nema 17 motor and you’re ready to begin extruding. For the most part, the Cakewalk 3D extruder works only in X and Y axes (you can’t really 3D print sculptures out of ketchup), but if you’ve got something that’s quick-drying like tempered chocolate, meringue batter, or icing, you could potentially work in the Z axis too, creating intricate 3D patterns that are ready to eat or even bake! The Cakewalk 3D kit comes with a silicone mat (that you place on your printer’s bed), so ou can either directly print out meringues on it, or bake a cake in the oven and carry it out when it’s cooled and place it directly on the printer to get it iced. Every part of the Cakewalk extruder is made from food-safe non-toxic materials like stainless steel, silicone, and polypropylene (used in Tupperware), making it safe to use and even easy to clean up afterward (all of the Cakewalk 3D’s parts, excluding the motor, are dishwasher safe too).

The Cakewalk 3D makes leaps and bounds in finally being able to ‘print’ food! Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, the extruder helps you explore a lot of avenues when it comes to personalized confectionery, or making food with intricate, geometric decorations… stuff that isn’t really feasible by-hand. It also makes replicating patterns really easy, so you could effectively make the same icing design on 20 cakes without any effort or drop in consistency. Moreover, chef, 3D printing executive, and creator Marine Core-Baillais says the Cakewalk 3D is incredibly effective in getting kids to eat leftovers too! Mash your food into a saucy paste and extrude them out in fun shapes before freezing and/or frying them to get your kids to eat food you’d normally have to throw out!

Designer: Marine Core-Baillais

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Cakewalk 3D – Food Extruder For Your Own 3D Printer

The Cakewalk 3D is a precise, effective and handy upgrade that converts your desktop 3D printer into a food printer.

It enables you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, producing detailed shapes in a few minutes.

Never Fail a Birthday Cake

Create your own cake lace patterns or custom decorations that you can add on top of the birthday cake. Thanks to the nozzle of 1 mm you can 3D print delicate cake designs.

3D Print Appetizers

Design any shapes on your computer and 3D print them on crackers. Cakewalk 3D even provides you recipes and ingredients to succeed in your first prints, and let you be the inventor of new snacks.

How it Works

Cakewalk 3D is really easy to set up into your own 3D printer and works like your regular plastic extruder.

Compatible Materials

Cakewalk 3D works with many different recipes, as long as they meet the required viscosity. The team has successfully 3D printed with:

– Chocolate
– Meringue
– Vegetable Puree
– Ketchup
– Guacamole
– Honey

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