Bookgroove is a unique bookshelf and side table in one

I’m a huge fan of unique-looking furniture that is also very functional. I also like those that can serve more than one purpose as they are space savers. Those that are cleverly designed also get plus points. And if they involve books of any kind, then, of course, I would be interested since I’m always in need of stuff to put books in. We’re seeing a lot of product concepts for tables, shelves, and sideboards that can house books so designers need to create something that will stand out.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Bookgroove is a bookrack and table in one that has a pretty unique shape. The table itself is circular at first glance but there’s an almost J-shaped carving on one side that can fit several books. It’s not the most usual way to store books as they have to follow the shape of the built-in shelf on the side table. The top part is where you can place other items like a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, although I’m not always that comfortable with having any liquids near my books.

This concept is definitely eye-catching and maybe something that book lovers will want to have to display their favorite titles. Well, at first probably. But the books that will be at the bottom of the curve may get damaged over time because of its positioning. It’s also probably difficult to get some of the books when you want to read them. If your purpose is to just display them though then that should be fine. But having to take them out and put them back in regularly may not be that easy.

I would personally like to have this minimalist piece of furniture around in my living room but more as a side table and not really for my books. However if not books, I wonder what else would fit in that shape.