Peel is a coffee table design with different layers

Coffee tables and side tables have become more than just furniture to place your coffee cup or book on. People expect them to not just be meticulously designed but to also have more purposes than just be a simple table. There are a lot of good designs out there already but there’s always room for more of course. There are also concept designs out there just waiting to be crafted into actual furniture that people can buy and place in their living rooms.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Peel all-around coffee table design is something that I, for one, will want to have by my couch. The name is pretty obvious once you see the design as it is like a banana being peeled. Of course, it uses wood and not any fruit. He designed it using three plywood sheets but put together using a triangular outline. Originally, they have the same height but then they are bent at different levels so you get a table with different layers for different purposes.

The final design of the coffee table does look like a piece of wood being peeled open. So now, you’ll be able to place different items at different levels. Your coffee cup or cocktail can be placed at the tallest part for easier access. You can also place your phone at a lower level so it will not be easy to go for it when you’re supposed to be reading a book or talking to someone and not scrolling through your phone. The other level can be for some decorations or ornaments.

Because the plywood are peeled, then you get a solid triangular wood element in the middle. This not only gives your coffee table a stable center but you also get a storage area for your magazines or books. So your side table gets several purposes and you also get a nice-looking piece of furniture to adorn your living space.