Crazy Slice is a sideboard with a unique shelf turned 45 degrees

When I do my furniture shopping, or at least online window shopping, I always look for function over form. I look for what can best fit my needs rather than what would look good in my house. But of course, it would also be nice to have something that looks great and be decorative as well as useful. There are a lot of product designers out there who continue to reimagine what furniture could look like if it was even more well thought of.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

As someone who has a lot of books, I’m always in need of shelves or anywhere I can store all of the books that I can’t seen to stop buying. Crazy Slice is a concept for a side table or sideboard and small shelf that plays around with the shape and orientation of the normal ones that we see. What the designer did was to just tweak part of it just a little bit and what you get is a uniquely designed piece of furniture that also gives you even more storage and space.

What you get is a sideboard with two sections. One is the usual square-shaped shelf with a more elongated body. You can use it as a shelf or as a side table to place drinks, decorations, or even more books. The front part or the back part, depending on the orientation, is turned 45 degrees. This means you get to use that skewed shelf as not just a place to put your books but also as a bookmark for books and magazines. And of course, it looks more unique than just a simple shelf.

Crazy Slice has a metal triangular stand with a white coating. It seems to be attached to the shelves rather than just a stand where the shelves are placed on so this seems to be more stable. I wouldn’t mind having this sideboard in my living room since we’ve already established I do need more places for my books.