Muji cloud is a fun tool to condense paper into small pile of shreds

Identity theft is easily one of the biggest worries in the online space, we all know that by now. While we take all necessary measures and are extra cautious on the internet, we have taken a back foot when it comes to being particular about our identity in the physical world.

Dumping credit card bills and bank statements randomly into garbage or recycling bins is not really the safest thing to do, even if you think you have nothing to hide. Whether you have a handful of documents, bills, or statements to dispose of every day, or stacks of them to get rid of, it is wise to put them through a paper shredder.

Designer: CDHD

Paper shredders can effectively turn full sheets of paper into small bits rendering them useless to prospective identity thieves. Available for decades, shredders are found dime a dozen, in varied shapes and sizes. When choosing a paper shredder, consider how much paper you have to shred on a daily basis. When you have a limited number of sensitive documents to destroy, investing in a portable paper shredder is an obvious choice.

In the league of its own, here is the muji cloud shredder which can, despite the handy size, take care of shredding bills, statements, receipts and other confidential paperwork in a fun way. The cloud in muji’s name can get techy in you thinking how this one connects to the cloud server and shreds paper online. Hold up, the name is just derived from the shape it carries, which is inspired by the cloud.

Like most other paper shredders, muji cloud is meant to transform paper containing sensitive information into small bits of paper. You can feed the paper from the top inlet and shred it down by turning the knob on the side of the shredder. It does so in form of strip cuts, which in general perception is not the most effective idea. It’s fun and everything but it is fairly easy to reassemble it with little time and patience. This is one drawback here, otherwise, the handy tool is easy to carry and can be used anywhere at home, school or office. It measures only 25x72x30mm, yet makes for an exciting tool to condense paper into a small pile of shreds directly in the recycling bin.