Why carry a lunchbox when you could carry a portable dining kit that’s the same size?

The FoldEat’s one of those ambitious projects that really show us how backward we are when it comes to our way of life. Ditching the notion that you need to carry tupperware, cutlery, and napkins in a cloth bag and have them rattle around while you’re traveling to and from work (and then consequently worry about washing your cutlery after you’re done eating so you can carry it back with you), FoldEat’s solution is elegant, organized, and potentially game-changing. The kit comprises a roll-top bag with modular vessels and cutlery kits inside. Zip open the bag and it unfolds into a table-mat with your food at its center and the cutlery right beside it.

The way the FoldEat transforms from food-kit to a dining-set is perhaps its biggest advantage over conventional lunchboxes. All homogenously packed in a single bag that’s easy to carry around, the FoldEat is perfect for office lunches, travel lunches on a plane or train, or even an outdoor picnic. Its all-inclusive set includes main containers, side containers, cutlery, all elegantly laid out on a mat, almost like you’d expect at a restaurant. The outer cover (which doubles up as a mat) comes with a zip and clasp to secure your boxes in place. Its roll-top design allows you to add more boxes to the kit, letting you pack meals for an entire day, or even for an extra person. Embedded within the mat is also a flexible magnetic layer that keeps all your boxes and cutlery in place, allowing them to stay arranged and organized every time you open the kit out. Moreover, the outer cover which serves as a table-mat, is machine-washable and comes with the ability to attach a side-strap or a carabiner-clip to let you carry your FoldEat with you anywhere you go.

On the inside, the FoldEat is more than a simple set of containers. Designed to enable a proper dining experience, FoldEat designed its containers to be modular, allowing them to pair up and stack on top of each other, while also keeping them microwave and dishwasher-safe. There’s a separate container that’s designed just for holding liquids, with a screw-cap and thermal insulation (perfect for soups and curries), while a gel-pack allows you to keep the rest of your food piping hot too. The outer cover comes with its own thermo layer too for extra insulation. FoldEat’s inner layout adjusts itself to your intake as well as your cuisine. A snap-on cutlery set lets you dig into all sorts of food without needing to rely on flimsy disposable cutlery. The stainless steel fork, spoon, and knife allow you to eat food as you would at home or at a restaurant. The main containers come with separator panels, enabling you to segregate your food, while a set of three mini-containers let you carry smaller portions of garnishings, dips, desserts, or nuts along with you for a complete nutritional experience.

Ultimately, FoldEat upgrades the portable lunch experience by making it convenient and classy. The kit is easy to carry around anywhere you go, and opens up into an organized dining experience, rather than a cluttered picnic basket full of bits and bobs. By taking the fine-dining experience and making it portable, FoldEat does a few key things. It reduces your dependency on clunky lunchboxes that may leak inside your laptop bag, and on disposable cutlery. It encourages you to eat better, by carrying all your meals (along with its tiny accompaniments) wherever you go, and most obviously, it keeps your dining experience organized no matter where you are, whether it’s at work, on a plane, at the gym, at your hotel, or even outdoors at a picnicking site. Besides, if it means eating less takeout food and more home-cooked meals, isn’t that just a massive win?

Designer: Alex A.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $109 (45% off).

FoldEat – A Modular Lunchbox That Unfolds Into an Eating Mat

With over 15 features smartly integrated, packing and eating on the go have never been easier.

Unfolds in Seconds

FoldEat is a carrying pack, but as it unfolds, it becomes a full-size eating mat giving you instant access to all the items inside.

Its unique patent-pending opening system makes it super easy to use.

It’s Modular

You can adjust FoldEat to any day to any diet plan. Pack up to four containers for a picnic or pack one container for a snack.

Carry It Anyway You Like

FoldEat has an adjustable and detachable strap so you can easily carry it anyway it suits you.

The Containers (Fullor & Liquidor)

Made out of Tritan, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Fullor is large enough to fit the equivalent of a regular plate of food. It also comes with a separator so you can easily portion your meals.

The cooling pads can be placed between compartments when you need maximum efficiency.

The Liquidor enclosure will ensure a perfect seal.

The mini containers are perfect for carrying the essential extras like salad dressing.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $109 (45% off).