This beast of an e-bike comes with two removable batteries and a 1000W motor to conquer any terrain

The ENGWE X26 might have two wheels, but it has the audacity of a pickup truck, with the confidence to conquer any terrain in front of it (asphalt, dirt roads, even mountain trails). Designed for people who take biking seriously, the X26 works equally well on roads as it does off of them… plus, it comes with an electric powertrain that should surely impress a few. And if that isn’t enough, the e-bike sports a dual removable battery system that integrates right into the ENGWE X26’s bold, muscular frame, giving you a bike that’s a clean, mean, riding machine.

Designer: ENGWE Design

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Designed to embody power with its brawny yet minimalist frame, the ENGWE X26 comes with a 1000W motor on the outside capable of outputting 750W at any given time. The pedal-assisted bike can hit speeds as high as 31mph and even climb inclines as much as 30%, while those two battery packs give the X26 a range of 62 miles (100 kilometers), making your e-bike perfect for intra-city commutes and even traveling well outside the boundary of the city. The latter is also made easier thanks to the triple suspension system and those 4-inch-thick tires that aren’t scared of irregular terrain, be it a road with potholes, or even a road without asphalt!

Conquer Hills with Ease – A 1000W gives you the comfort to glide over sand and gravel without stop and deal with mud and mountains with ease.

Climb 30% Inclines – The 1000W motor pushes it up hills just like they were flat ground.

Go from A to Z Faster – The 1000W motor gives it a 31MPH top speed, beating other eBikes that only reach 20-30MPH.

Range Up to 62 Miles – The main battery gives you a full 48 miles, while a second swappable battery adds another 14 miles to your trip.

The ENGWE X26 comes with an impressive design that quite literally folds in half to reveal the bike’s concealed battery slot. Your X26 has two batteries to help bump up the range, with a larger 48V19Ah battery right underneath the seat, and a smaller 9.6Ah battery sliding right into the top tube. The main battery slides right into the seat’s slot and provides a bulk of the power needed by the X26. The smaller battery, on the other hand, sits in its removable housing and can be detached when not in use simply by folding the bike in half, exposing the hollow top tube and the battery pack sitting within it.

ENGWE even gives you the option of buying an additional secondary battery that you can swap out when the one in the X26 runs out of charge. This arrangement (which takes barely 2-3 minutes to physically swap batteries) effectively gives you practically a week’s worth of city-commuting without needing to recharge your X26.

Triple Suspension System – Integrated with the solid fat tires for the maximum robust and exciting ride.

3 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal e-bikes.

Other details on the X26 include the SHIMANO 8-speed gearbox that gives you effortless riding whether you’re in the city or outside it, and a triple suspension system, hydraulic braking, and 26×4″ motorcycle-style tires that further make riding more safe and fun. The X26 is uniquely positioned as an e-bike that’s capable of handling it all, so whether you’re using it to get to work or to conquer mountain trails, the motorcycle-grade tires, the heavy-duty suspension, and that 1000W motor have you covered.

Plus, the bike quite literally folds in half, allowing you to chuck it in the boot of your car to carry around to remote locations, be it a camping site or an offroad trail. While riding, the X26 has a small yet pretty visible Polychrome LCD dashboard that gives you access to the riding stats you need. Designed for safe nocturnal riding, the bike comes with headlights and taillights too.

When not in use, the ENGWE X26 folds up to half its size, making it easy to store in a garage or even at home. The overall bike weighs 41 kilograms or 90 lbs, and while that isn’t on the lighter side of the spectrum, it’s worth noting that the X26 is less of a last-mile solution and more of a heavy-duty ‘everywhere machine’. It helps that the ENGWE X26 is competitively priced too, at just $1,599 for its super early bird customers. Grab yours now using the link below.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1599 $2699 (40% off). Hurry, only 17/50 left!