Sustainable Cultivation Units

Hakan Gürsu’s Living Pots are a series of thoughtfully produced planters for the urban gardener who’s conscious of their carbon footprint.  Composed of 100% recyclable and reused wood and metal, they make use of lumber scraps that would otherwise be thrown out or burned after truncation. With a minimal number of parts, each unit is flat-pack ready and easy to assemble. Better yet, they can be nested to create vertical gardens where space is limited. Check out the vid to see how it’s done —>

Designer: Hakan Gürsu


  • Adam says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the video (after clicking play I was informed that it was private) but from what I can see from the images, these living pots are amazing! I love that they are stackable, as I regularly work with clients who have limited garden space to work with but still want something incredible. Also loving the fact that these pots are environmentally friendly.

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