This Vespa teardrop trailer made of foam, incorporates a functional kitchen and space to sleep the rider

DIYers have their own sense of doing things with ingredients that for you and me may sound foolish to begin with. Teardrop trailers, besides the size, have to be durable and stable. Throwing the two aspects out of the park, Thomas Burick has created a micro teardrop trailer, to go with his 1962 Vespa, from foam topped with a sheet of homemade fiberglass.

Yes, that is pretty fragile from a safety point of view. But motorcycle campers and bike-packers will have different thoughts. For them, the lightweight form factor and kind of space created within is a definite inspiration.

Designer: Thomas Burick

The micro teardrop trailer, towable by a vintage Vespa, is made in partnership with YouTuber and trailer maker, ‘The L Wood by Lucy.’ Its design is based on a 1947 Cabin Car trailer, which has been worked up to let Thomas “Roam in Foam.”

Since Thomas wanted the trailer to be more than a place to snooze in after a long ride; a kitchenette has been provided with ample storage space: cabinets and shelves with sliding doors. The shape of the trailer is nicely arched for headspace and stability on the 25-pound base it stations itself on. The interiors are well-lit with natural light penetrating the windows made of acrylic. The door is finished with metal skirting for additional stability.

Under the hatch of this foam teardrop trailer resides the kitchen complete with a gas stove and crockery. A special section has been created to store the silverware and the cooking essentials. When Thomas is done cooking and eating, he enters the trailer furnished with a mattress for a good night’s sleep.

While the micro teardrop is made robust enough for bright summer days, it may not be the most stable ride against strong winds and rain. Nonetheless, this interesting contraption is finished in blue color to align with hue of the Vespa it trails; a pleasing sight to behold!