Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 4

Design is about problem-solving. Designer Matt Benedetto, on the other hand, changes his approach to design by changing his understanding of the problems we face! Meet Unnecessary Inventions, a collection of designs by Matt himself that solve ridiculous problems that you honestly did not know existed until you came across his solutions! Don’t be surprised if you want these products, as we surely have a list.

Popping bubbles on bubble wrapping paper is a guilty pleasure of its own, something we’ve all indulged in at some point or the other. The Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle™️ allows you to strap bubble wrap onto your belt using this special utility device. Feeling stressed at work, or just simply saturated with life? Keep bursting bubbles all day along with this buckle, relieving yourself of all your worries!

The Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table™️ is actually a reason why you could be late to your zoom call – it sounds better than the ‘dog ate my notes’ excuse. Along with providing great pass time, it is literally impossible for you to work from home with ease without your trusted laptop table that currently lies in pieces. FYI – the table comes with NO instructions included!

Stepping out in this pandemic without a mask is like stepping into a line of fire, only here we cannot even see the bullet aka viruses coming our way! Fear not, the Coro-neck™️ is here to save you! Stay sexy while staying safe with this deep-V neck t-shirt whose flap converts into an emergency mask – staying COVID-free has never been this fashionable!

The OldSpice Hat Hoverer 2000XL™️ lets your wavy locks shine while your sport your favorite cap, hovering a few inches above your head! The innovative vacuum suction machine comes with an easy-to-wear harness, allowing you to lug your hover machine with ease while your good hair day will go ahead with ease!

When settled in a warm cozy bed, it is one of the most hated tasks, having to step out and switch off that pesky light! While IoT promised to save us from those forgotten lights or switches to be turned off, an easier and fun solution is what the Bedtime Finger Blaster™️ brings to us with this innovative take on a Nerf gun. Stay comfy and snug while this portable finger slings across the room to get those switches for you. Happy sleeping!

They say two is better than one but in this case, one is more than enough to take on both of your pockets. We are talking about the Solo Stash™️, a uni-pocket that stretches across the back of your jeans, providing a huge space to store all things extra. Now only if we could store this lot and sit down comfortably…

Come out of this quarantine with muscles to flaunt along with a freshly painted home with the Paint-ercise Rollers™️! These easy to strap on rollers let you unleash your creative side while giving you a full-body workout – who said quarantine had to be boring?!

Summer is here and while we can’t wear our Beer Cap, The Mixer Mask™️ is the safest way to chug your favorite drink while keeping the nasty virus away. For the days you do step out of home, this protective mask comes with a 16oz pouch that holds your beverage for you while you suck in some Vitamin D!

Crocs Gloves™️ feature the best of the iconic shoes, including the thick foam material and safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style.

For the days when you are too cold to flip people off but just have to, because how else would you display your feelings for them, you have the Flippin’ Mittens™️! Designed to keep your fingers warm and your opinions public, this mitten arrives with a very specific middle-finger cutout that can be flexed to flip people off without losing the warm sanctuary of your mittens.

For more of these innovative designs so unnecessary, we just want some of them for fun, check out the collection here!