6-in-1 measuring device lets you scan spaces, digitize floor plans, and measure lines, curves, and angles

A winner of the 2021 Good Design Award, the new MEAZOR 3D brings a series of useful upgrades to its handheld measuring device. In fact, it can pretty much replace any measuring instrument you currently own.

The tiny handheld device remains relatively the same in shape, size, and form factor, but now sports a newer chip that works faster, and also plots points in 3D, allowing you to quickly mock up floor plans and make CAD models. The laser scanner on the MEAZOR 3D now measures distances up to 40 meters or 131 feet (a 60% increase from the past iterations) and MEAZOR’s new app now lets you turn 2D floor plans into 3D models that can then be rendered, mocked up, and walk-through-ed in most 3D CAD software.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design

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With its iconic ‘pill-shaped’ design, the MEAZOR 3D lets you conquer any sort of measuring requirement. It sports a laser pointer, a rotary wheel, and even an accelerometer that calculates tilt and angles. Whether you’re measuring objects or spaces, gauging curves, or just trying to mount a photo frame without having it slightly tilted, MEAZOR 3D takes care of it all. Designed to be used by architects, designers, decorators, woodworkers, engineers, contractors, fashion/textile personnel, transportation designers, and just about anyone who wants to measure things, MEAZOR 3D provides an all-encompassing measuring experience that replaces the inch-tape, scale, protractor, spirit level, and traditional laser scanner. All your measurements are stored on device and displayed in real-time on MEAZOR 3D’s circular display… and can even be sent to the MEAZOR app for editing, comparing, and sharing.

The MEAZOR 3D now comes with a patented Ultra 3D adapter, a tripod-friendly magnetic base for the MEAZOR 3D that lets you scan points in a room and instantly build a 3D floor plan in mere seconds. With a tilting feature, the adapter allows you to point the MEAZOR 3D anywhere from one single point in the room. Effectively, all you really need to do is place your MEAZOR 3D in the center of a room (even with furniture or obstacles) and it captures all the corners while intuitively fills in the walls, floors, and ceilings, quite literally connecting the dots.

The MEAZOR 3D also has spatial awareness, so when you carry it around to another room (or even another corner of the room), it knows exactly where it is and continues building on the original floor plan without needing to be recalibrated. The spinning base now also captures curves, unlocking new potential features for people who want to capture large curves using easy workflows.

Point Scanner – Capture all reference points and instantly draw a 3D floorplan.

Laser Measure – The precise laser gives reliable measurements up to 131ft/40m.

Curve Scanner – Capture the outlines of curved objects with an accountable scan.

Scale/Rolling – Straight lines to curves, 4 Built-in Modes with 57 Scales.

Protractor – Position your angles in 360 degrees with accurate readings.

Level – Find out whether the surface is horizontal or vertical.

For shorter linear and non-linear distances, MEAZOR 3D’s rolling wheel lets you easily capture and calculate measurements in a wide range of units. Just roll the MEAZOR 3D along a surface and the device will tell you exactly how much distance you covered. Want to work with angles? MEAZOR 3D’s built-in accelerometer works as a protractor and even a spirit level, helping in geometry, alignment, and everything in between.

All data is sent to the MEAZOR App 2.0, which records and saves your measurements for future reference. In its 2nd version, the MEAZOR App now also lets you create lists, make 3D models from 2D floor plans, measure distances inside photos, and also supports exporting your blueprints to Roomle or Measure Square, two independent apps used widely by the architecture and interior design industry.

Measuring under 4 inches, the MEAZOR 3D is easily the smallest, most capable measuring tool on the market. Well, it’s still in development, but the product did win the Good Design Award so there’s no doubt that the underlying tech works… and works well. Speaking of which, the MEAZOR 3D is powered by an STH7 chip that now allows it to process measurements 35% faster than its predecessor (while working in 3D as well), with a 650mAh battery that offers 30 days of standby time. The MEAZOR 3D device ships with a Type-C charging cable, a mini-tripod (for room scans), and the Ultra 3D Adapter that unlocks quite literally a new dimension for the measuring device. You can grab the MEAZOR 3D kit (with the aforementioned accessories) for a special Kickstarter discounted price of $199, and even add additional accessories to your pledge including a silicone cover case, a circular screen-guard, an aluminum tripod, a 100cm extension bar, and even a soft-shell EVA carrying case for your entire kit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, only 90/100 left!