The YD 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


The fact that it’s mid-December already, means two things. The holidays, and the new year. It’s a time to get together with family, friends, and even co-workers to share the warm feeling of joy that beats the cold temperatures of wintertime. The YD Holiday Gift Guide is our way of spreading the joy too! We’ve got a selection of products we love (and that we know you’ll love too), to own or to gift to a loved one. They’re sure to enrich lives, bring about smiles, and make the season of giving truly a remarkable one! A very happy holiday season from the YD family!
01. Pantone Formula Guide (Color Of The Year 2019 Edition) by Pantone
To normal people, you give calendars and planners around the new year. To designers, you give Pantone’s Formula Guide with the latest color of the year! With 2019 being all about happiness and optimism, Pantone’s Color of 2019 is Living Coral, a beautiful, heartwarming shade of, let’s say red. The Formula Guide comes in two booklets, with coated (glossy) and uncoated (matte) hues listed on each. Aside from the regular Formula series of 1,867 solid colors, the Color Of The Year edition even comes with the additional 112 colors of the new year, and even access to Pantone’s Color Manager Software that lets you have digital access to the hues for use in your work!

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02. Ember Connected Copper Mug by Ember
Nothing’s more magical than a mug that heats its contents on its own. The Ember Temperature Control Mug, a product that we love, now comes in Copper too! The mug lets you pick a temperature through the Ember app and then it maintains your beverage at that constant temperature. It cools down drinks if they’re too hot, and heats up the beverage you left around at room-temperature, so just like Goldilocks (or in this case, Copperilocks), your drink is just right, every time! The mug comes with a completely waterproof design (it can be washed under running water or placed in the dishwasher), and hosts no controls. Just set the temperature through the app and the mug heats up if it detects liquids inside it. Click below to preorder the upcoming Copper Edition, or click here to buy the original edition.

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03. Yaktrax Summit by Yaktrax
Designed to be snapped on to your trekking shoes when you need every bit of traction you can get, the Yaktrax Summit looks bold, rugged, and like it can do the job. The Summit straps to any shoe (you buy it according to your shoe size), and secures itself tightly. The chains provide traction, but not as much as the 3/8” curved sawtooth stainless steel spikes that dig right into the ice or snow, making sure you’ll never lose grip. The rugged design and blue/black combo play well with the rough, snowy conditions in which the Yaktrax would be absolutely ideal. When not in use, the Yaktrax Summit fit beautifully into a drawstring bag that’s easy to carry them around without hurting anyone or damaging anything.

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04. Snowflake Multitool by HexFlex
What’s a more perfect wintertime holiday gift (even if it’s for yourself) than a snowflake-shaped multitool?! Designed to get you out of any fix, this snowflake-shaped, winter-appropriate multitool fits 14 different tools into its small form factor. Originally designed to be a snowboard tool, the HexFlex Snowflake Multitool comes made in stainless steel and fastens right to your keychain, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go, giving you the power to open stuff from bottles to boxes, and tighten or loosen screws and bolts whenever needed!

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05. Pet Holiday Keepsake Ornaments by Pearhead
Remember in your childhood when you’d string together popped corn and wrap it around your tree? Or you’d make ornaments out of papier-mâché and revel in nostalgia as you took them out each year to place on your Christmas tree? The Pet Holiday Keepsake Ornaments are like the same thing, but they involve your pet too! Take the quick-drying putty and use your pet’s pay to make an imprint on it and once it dries, voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful little Christmas ornament with your pet’s touch to it! The ornament lasts forever and is a great keepsake to have with you for life!

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06. Stretch Expandable Trivet by Joseph Joseph
The ‘Stretch’ Expandable Silicone Trivet by Joseph Joseph is by far the most ideal gift to grace this list. Made with heat-resistant silicone, and an expandable design, the trivet occupies a small amount of space in the drawer when not in use. However, take it out for a feast and spread it across the table, and you’ve got ample space to place hot utensils from large casseroles to elongated gravy boats, to even multiple pots and pans on it, protecting the table and tablecloth from the heat. A perfectly large trivet for feasts, potlucks, and get-togethers!

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07. Porthole Infuser by Crucial Detail
The Porthole Infuser does exactly what you think it does. It allows you to make everything from infused cocktails, to syrups, to oils, dressings, or even cold-brewed artisan teas and coffees. Inspired by a submarine or ship’s porthole style window, the Porthole Infuser is a circular vessel with transparent panels on both sides, literally offering a window into the liquid infusion process happening on the inside. Go ahead, make yourself some incredibly heartwarming and life-affirming mulled wine to sip in the chilly weather!

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08. Zippo Hand Warmer by Zippo
Zippo’s Hand Warmer literally puts the feeling of sitting near a bonfire, in your pocket! This flame-less catalytic heater fits on your palm, emanating heat for 6-12 hours (depending on the size). Hold it in your hand or stash it in your pocket to get the cozy warmth that’s comparable to placing your hands near the fire. The Hand Warmer uses lighter fluid and a carbon felt filter to burn without a flame, emanating just the right amount of heat to give your fingers the warmth it needs in the cold winters!

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