Kinetic sculpture watch spins fast or slow based on productivity and emotional state

Watches do the complex timekeeping for us all, and help us perceive the passing of life in a more measured way. Other than that, over the centuries, a watch has evolved into a lifestyle accessory that has a very high collectible value. No doubt some of the more intricate pieces go for exorbitant amounts of money. But how would you react to a watch that shows time in another perception?

Rather than displaying time on an hour-based age-old system, this niche concept watch dubbed Momentum displays time based on how your day is being utilized. To be precise, the time movement is faster if you are having a very positive feeling and slower if you are having a negative kind of behavior. According to the designer, this will give the user a very conscious realization of how their life is being spent. It’ll either be about seizing the moment or sheer wastage of ticking life.

Designers: Miguel Pena and All Design Lab

To me, this makes complete sense as time is the most important asset we have, and how we make use of it, matters most than other things. The inspiration for the timepiece comes from the pocket-sized Stem Player by Kayne West and Kano. The idea is to retell time much like the retelling of music. The accessory is more of a kinetic sculpture on the wrist as it breaks free from conventional time-telling. This is done by repurposing the perception and purpose, in line with the user’s productivity and emotional state. Momentum’s 45 individual fins rotate on the strap pivot based on the health tracking data from the sensors onboard.

This cool watch gives the user a real-time perception of time, and does not display the actual time set by the norms. Therefore, the design on this one is as minimal as it could get with solid color aesthetics and a matching strap to go with it. The only this that’s reminiscent of a contemporary smart watch is the battery level indicator to the left.