Smartphone Accessories That Bring Back Some Tangibility Into Our Digital Lives

Living in a world full of smartphones and digital everything, the PUI (Physical User Interface) series steps in to make our tech experiences more hands-on. Amid touchscreens and high-tech gadgets, PUI wants to remind us of the good old days when we could touch and feel things. This series of smartphone accessories, seamlessly connected via Bluetooth, redefines the way we interact with our devices, encouraging users to reconnect with the physical world.

Designers: Taeyang KimYujeong Shin, and JiHoon Park

We all love our smartphones for making life easier, but deep down, there’s a part of us that misses the real touch. PUI gets that and wants to bring back the emotions we used to get from physical things. PUI comprises a range of accessories designed to reintroduce physical elements into the user’s daily interactions with their smartphones. These accessories include the PUI Alarm Clock, Camera Shutter, Dial Lock, Recorder, and Volume Control, each contributing to a richer physical experience.

PUI Alarm Clock:

The PUI Alarm Clock makes waking up more fun by bringing back the cool dial feature from old clocks but with a modern touch. It’s a bit sad that some of the Gen Zs and Gen Alphas don’t know how to set alarms on those old clocks. This Alarm Clock is like a time-traveling buddy, keeping the old clock style but fitting into our modern lives. You can easily set the alarm by turning the bottom dial, adding a hands-on feel that you don’t get with digital screens. It’s a small thing, but it makes waking up a bit more enjoyable and real. The PUI Alarm Clock is like a time machine, connecting the past and today, making mornings a simple joy for everyone. The PUI Alarm Clock stands as a bridge between generations, seamlessly weaving the nostalgia of the past into the fabric of our dynamic present.

PUI Camera Shutter:

The Camera Shutter accessory brings back the joy of photography by integrating a zoom dial and shutter button. Users can smoothly adjust the frame size with the zoom dial, and the physical act of pressing the shutter button to capture a moment adds a layer of satisfaction often missing in purely digital interactions. It’s a real-life micro-interaction that enhances the user experience.

PUI Dial Lock:

Diverging from traditional rigid screen locks, the PUI Dial Lock offers a tactile locking mechanism. Users input their password by manipulating the dial in a specific sequence, enhancing the security experience with a touch of physical engagement, almost giving a feeling of opening a locker and improving the importance of the device.

PUI Recorder:

The PUI Recorder serves as an audio recording device that incorporates physical buttons for record, play, and stop functions. The act of physically interacting with the device during recording adds a visually and aurally rich dimension to the experience. Making every touch count and moment consciously memorable.

PUI Volume Control:

Adjusting the volume is now a hands-on affair with the Volume Control. Turn the dial to control the sound. This physical touch goes beyond just tapping on a screen, giving a sense of ownership and satisfaction.

PUI (Physical User Interface) is like a breath of fresh air in a world full of digital screens. It connects our smartphones with real, touchable experiences. In a time when everything is about ease and speed, PUI brings back the joy of feeling and interacting with our devices in a more personal way. It’s a cool bridge between the old and the new, making our tech time more enjoyable and real.