Star Lounger Chair wants to give you a warm embrace and a comfortable seat

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Details

The Star Lounger looks like something that wants to give you a warm hug. The star-shaped chair will probably remind you of Patrick Star from the Spongebob cartoon series. The lounge chair appears comfortable enough to put you in a cozy embrace.

On its own, the Star Lounger can stand as an art piece or a decor. It’s like a sculpture you want to show off, serving an important function. It’s a chair that can be perfect for lobbies and rooms where you want to chill and relax.

Designer: Troy Smith

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Marble

The Start Lounger is a star alright but can shine brighter wherever you decide to place it. Each piece is crafted from the best materials like stretch velvet fabric and brass caps. The end result is a luxurious lounge chair that is plush and comes with premium finishes.

The upholstered lounge chair is beautiful with its craftsmanship, design, and art. Designer Troy Smith took inspiration from a star and decided to use stretch velvet to achieve an elegant and beautiful furniture piece. As a result, the Star Lounger delivers meticulous craftsmanship that is hard to come by these days.

This conceptual piece of furniture is unique. The brass and stretch velvet combination delivers a feeling of luxury while still being comfortable. The Canadian designer has spent time being creative and researching and planning to design and create the chair. It breaks the mold for a lounger chair and even goes beyond the desire to produce a sculptural work of art.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Gold

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Black Stretch Velvet

The Star Lounger definitely combines beautiful form and function. There isn’t much innovation, but the design alone will make you stop and stare and even sit on the lounge chair. It has a bit of humor as it appears wanting to want you to sit on the chair and be embraced. It’s actually more of a giant starfish that wants to hug you or wants you to sit on his lap.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Design

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Wood

This Star Lounger is handmade by skilled artisans. It features a sturdy hardwood interior frame, high-density foam, brass, and velvet—so you can say it’s a bit eclectic. The upholstery is solid, so we are guaranteed of a well-made furniture piece. This chair stands out with the detailed finishes, including the cast brass legs and caps.

Troy Smith usually delivers a hands-on approach starting with design and then production. This intimacy with every creation makes every piece like the Star Lounger very special. We think it is because it doesn’t just serve as a regular lounge chair. Instead, it makes you smile and gives you comfort whenever you need it.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Yellow