Stack Collection offers raw yet refined contemporary furniture pieces and everyday objects

Stack Seat Stack Stool

The Stack Collection is something those in Nordic or Scandinavian aesthetics will truly love. Ezra Ardolino definitely knows how to utilize wood. Precisely for this project, sheets of plywood were used to create beautiful furniture pieces.

There are plenty of pieces to choose from, but the Stack Collection will be more known for the furniture items like the stool, seat, bench, and table. The process used to create the pieces is stack lamination, commonly used in furniture-making. The method is utilized to stack CNC-machined and laminated FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood sheets for this collection.

Designer: Ezra Ardolino

Stack Collection Stack Bench

The laminated sheets are transformed into a block that is then shaped into whatever form is needed to be made by 3D-re-machining. The furniture piece or object is then assembled and then given a smoother finish. The Stack product line also now includes smaller objects that are ready for everyday use.

Stack Collection Ezra Ardolino Stack Stool

Stack Mirror Stack Tray

Timbur, the Digital fabrication studio behind this project, has introduced additional entries. There is the Stack Mirror, a tabletop, Stack Bubble cabinet, and a tray. The laminated stack products were recently showcased at the Beige room of Tuleste Factory. The STACK was one of the three major exhibitions in the gallery during the NYC x DESIGN Festival.

Stack Exhibition

Designer Ezra Ardolino’s background in architecture has allowed him to explore the intersection of materiality, design, and even robotics. He tries to combine these elements as he reimagines the fabricated world. The series is a collection of wooden products that are sustainable and pleasant to look at.

Stack Cabinet

With new additions to the Stack Collection, we doubt if the people behind it will ever stop creating more pieces. There are so much more designs and pieces to try, but for now, we’ll admire these stack-laminated items from Timbur. The original collection only features a stool, seat, bench, and table. Now there are smaller pieces to choose from as the possibilities are endless.

Stack Collection Designer

Stack Collection Stack Seat

Stacking sheets of plywood seems complicated, but the result shows beautiful craftsmanship, although the process involves machines and robotics. The Stack series tells us how design and technology can go together and be used to make something beneficial, creative, and innovative. Timbur has always been dedicated to fabricating a more sustainable world. The laminated stack products have been designed to reduce material waste and use natural materials like wood. They have their original function and purpose, but they also serve as stunning sculptural pieces that can be left on their own for the world to admire.

Stack Collection Ezra Ardolino

Stack Collection Stack Tray

Stack Collection Stack Cabinet

Stack Collection Stack Tabletop

Stack Bench