Audi… From Roads to Clothes!


Designers seem to show a lot of love towards Audi. Scan through YD and you’ll find it decorated with Audi concepts ranging from the obvious automobiles all to now even consumer appliances!

Adding to that ever growing list of conceptual Audi designs is the Audi iron by Jaehyuk Lim. The Audi brand is all about superiority and dominance and the iron design does that with its space-age form language! A recessed LED strip on the base illuminates when switched on, also serving as a color indication of the temperature. I assume the way the steam escapes from the underside of the iron adds to the drama of the futuristic lighting. Sounds like something Audi would do, right?!

P.S. You can’t miss the ever so charismatic chrome logo on the front of the iron. Gives it almost the feel of a car, driving forwards and backwards on your clothes!

Designer: Jaehyuk Lim