Fits My Hand Just Right

Aptus is Latin for suitable, appropriate, or fitting. The Aptus pen is the ultimate in modern writing instruments. Takumi Yoshida wanted to blend elegance with pure functionality. In strict mechanical requirements, pens are very thin. We add volume to it so it fits into our hands better.

Instead of a plastic or metal tube, the Aptus provides four large contact points (three points near the tip of the pen and one supporting point between the thumb and the index finger) when held in a hand for better ergonomics. We may all be email junkies but there are still people out there who prefer the tactile and personalized touch of hand written text.

Designer: Takumi Yoshida


  • So says:

    Just a twister pen wrap round the ink spinal

  • Jean Louis R says:

    WOW!!! Love the pen. It’s so elegant!

  • zippyflounder says:

    kinda nice now if it was made out or elephant ivory you got a winner! (duck, just kidding)

  • Brian says:

    Not so sure about this one. How does it retract and if it doesn’t retract, where is the cap? I’m also not so sure about showing off the crappy refill – they’ve never been attractive.

  • Takumi says:

    The inner pen retracts by twisting the other end of the pen (like some Cross pens). What’s exposed in the middle is just a shaft and not the refill itself.

    More details on my website if you’re interested.

    Thanks for covering my design (again) yankodesign.

  • M72 says:

    Looks really interesting and nice. But doesn’t each person hold pen different way? eg. You should see how I hold my pen tablet – it’s different then conventional holding

  • Takumi says:

    You’re 100% correct. This pen design is quite ‘exclusive’ in that sense. It’s against all the recent trends toward ‘inclusive’ design and delibrately done so.
    Though FYI, quite a few of my friends tried and held it differently from the way shown in the photo and told me they still felt quite comfortable.

  • Roman says:

    Where can i get one of theses! and how much?!

  • charles says:

    I this like a really practical stuff looks like. i want it.

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