Making Hospitals A Little Less Daunting


Hospitals are a daunting and unfamiliar environment that can be especially intimidating for young children. Having a product that makes the situation a little less unsettling is always going to be welcome, and that’s exactly what the Animal Ringer is intended to do!

The Animal Ringer is exactly what you think it is, an animal inspired ringer that’s aimed at pediatric patients. Not only do they make it more approachable and personal, but they also introduce a familiar form into the ward and add an element of much needed friendliness.

They also offer a benefit to the medical care personnel; their animal-motif form and unique colors make them conveniently identifiable, and the patient can quickly be associated with the animal!

The Animal Ringer is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designers: Yun Ye Lee, Ji Hoon Park & Cha Il Lim