Mercedes Vision AMG is a teaser of the brand’s performance EV future

Mercedes -AMG has just pulled the drapes off of its futuristic electric sedan concept slated for the 2025 release, and it’s going to be the first dedicated electric vehicle in the performance division.

According to Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, this is the first glance at the metamorphosis of the AMD DNA into the all-electric future. The sporty EV is based on the dedicated AMG.EA architecture consisting the drivetrain made from scratch. According to Mercedes, the axial flux motors produce way more power than the conventional electric motors. Now, that very well justifies its AMG DNA, doesn’t it?

Designer: Mercedes-Benz

This car looks like it time-traveled to a parallel dimension, and couldn’t hide its superior alienated looks. There’s a very animated character to it, but mind you this is how the EV is going to look when it finally rolls on the tarmac. Those triangulated projector lamps (resembling the Mercedes Benz star logo), matte black glasses, and the elongated tail which add to the dynamic appeal. Everything right from the long wheelbase to the contrasting short overhangs or the low-slung body – give it a domineer way above its punching weight (if that’s not too judgmental).

Being a hardcore F1 fan, I can’t help but notice the highlighting fender covering the humungous wheels, and the teal accents on the side sills and diffuser reminiscent of the ones on Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 car. If we move on to the front section, the Vision AMG has a Panamericana grille with vertical slats. As we move to the rear, the tapered roof embodies into the teardrop shape at the rear end. Those illuminations on the tip encapsulate the body flank running smoothly to the rear wheel well. The tail has three brake lamps on either side, and the three-dimensional design of the lights can be mistaken for exhaust pipes, but actually, they aren’t.

Unfortunately, in the press release, Mercedes has not revealed any of the interiors of the Vision AMG concept – leaving us all wanting for more of this upcoming hot EV. One thing is for sure though, the car follows in the footsteps of the EQXX concept, and I can presume the interiors are going to be as swanky (or even better) than the sedan.