This clean looking watch design is tailormade for ultra minimalists

In a world dominated by tourbillon watches and the most intricate complex movements that one could not ever have imagined, there’s still a niche for timepieces that focus on simplicity. Dubbed the Clean Watch, this barebones, yet profoundly fuller timepiece is for individuals who value minimalism in everything they own.

Unlike most conventional watches that use the watch face real estate to display all the complex moments and any symbolic elements, this one goes the opposite way. The watch face is as plain as you could even imagine with the 12 o clock, 3’o clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock numerals etched on the matte black, yellow or green face. The concentric waved circles on the dial give the perception of flowing time which goes well with its minimal theme. Just like most of the common watches out there, this one too has the crown on one side which can be used to set the current time.

Designer: Ye Hongting (葉 泓廷)

In fact, time on this one is indicated by the yellow, white, and green hands each representing the hours, minutes, and seconds respectively. These rotate on a sub-layered face under the main watch face which masks the movement – only revealing around 10 percent of the area. The back cover follows suit with a plain design which is not at all surprising. The clean look of this rare timepiece is well complemented by the rubber straps which match the color of the chosen watch face model in yellow, green or black.

I’m sure this cheeky watch will appeal to the masses who are now shifting towards a minimalistic lifestyle which is pretty much in trend amongst the current generation. Matching it with the solid colored apparels, or accessories like trendy earbuds are going to look uber cool, and you’ll get surefire glances. So, what you think of this timepiece it is hot or not?