Fly vs. Fly

Living in Los Angeles for years now, I have learned to truly appreciate the ingenuity of Mexican culture. Though I realize not all Mexicans fit into a common mold (other than being a Mexican) a great deal seem to posses McGyver like abilities to fix almost any mechanical object or invent a low cost way to solve a problem. Which brings me to this truly genius and humanitarian way to rid your lawn or outdoor space of pesky flies. The “Anti-Fly Sphere Device” by designer José de la O is based on an old Mexican solution of ridding flies by hanging clear plastic bags filled with water just above taco stands. The refraction of the water, amplifies the colors and movements that catch the complex eyes of a fly reflected on the sphere, scaring the offending flies away. Yes, it is fly on fly crime, but isn’t that their problem?

Designer: José de la O