Braun wireless earbuds for audiophiles who value wearing comfort and style

Choosing a pair of good-sounding earbuds which have great comfort, ANC and styling are not easy when options are virtually limitless. Can a pair of Braun earbuds simplify that dilemma? A designer indeed thinks so with this interesting concept.

The wireless earbuds market is flooded with wireless earbuds, but only a few can really claim to be worth their weight in gold. After all, appealing to audio lovers’ tastes is not easy even though creating wireless earbuds seems like a run-of-the-mill task by the look of things. The likes of Sony WF-1000XM4, Bose QuietComfort, Apple AirPods Pro and now the Nothing ear (1) earbuds – all are great choices for ones who demand great sound isolation, crisp audio, comfort and style.

Designer: Ye Hongting (葉 泓廷)

Braun is known for its high-quality grooming products and innovative product design, so why not have a great pair of wireless earbuds too? Even though the German company would think twice before branching out into the highly competitive wireless earbuds space, the low barrier entry-level makes for a compelling case. This concept evokes that vision with a sublime design and the Braun DNA deep embedded in the roots.

The earbuds have a rather unique and attractive form that doesn’t compromise on wearing comfort by any stretch of the imagination. Matte black or white-colored housing with the hint of Braun’s signature color green is the USP of the design. The silicone ear tips match the matte look, and the charging case carries the same theme. It’s all matte black with a yellow button on the front. Wait till you glance over the top of the earbuds which have the Braun’s well-known patterned shape.

Touch controls on the earbuds allow for a seamless audio listening experience – be it high fidelity music or engaging podcasts on the go. Active noise cancellation is also standard with three microphones in each earbud zoning out the world when needed. In the audio accessories space dominated by similar-looking designs, the Braun What if Earbud spices things up for demanding audiophiles.