June Storage and Display Tray System is one versatile organizing solution

June Storage and Display Tray Design

Many people say that the key to organizing your clutter at home is to get proper storage and trays. Some will say you need to remove unnecessary stuff before buying storage and containers. But however you want to deal with your clutter at home, you need to decide to have a proper place for everything.

June is a new system or storage and display trays that may be helpful to those who want to Marie Kondo their stuff. No, this won’t really carry all your things, but it looks like a fun and stylish way to keep things clean and tidy. Of course, having a clean and clutter-free desk is necessary, especially if you want to get work done quickly and smartly.

Designer: Piyushi Patni

June Storage and Display Trays Colors

June is designed as a versatile system of storage and display trays. This desk accessory is very functional and practical for anyone with a work desk. This modern organizing system is based on the idea that storing things vertically can be more efficient. Such vertical solutions save up desk or counter space.

Having vertical storage is also more pleasing to the eyes. The aesthetics of June is modern with a hint of mid-century. Of course, it’s best for the young generation with the choice of colors, but nothing’s going to stop you from getting the storage and tray solution.

Concept June Storage and Display Trays

June Storage and Display Trays Demo

The design is playful and can fit most interiors. You can use it in your office, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. The trays keep things off a surface, so everything is clean. The system comes with seven trays of different shapes, sizes, and colors that you can attach to a pole. It’s a stationery storage system with trays made of aluminum with rounded edges. The industrial metal look and feel are not evident because of the powder coating and finish. The trays look more friendly, fun, and stylish, while the wooden stamp gives it a more natural look. You can rotate the plates (tray) to face any direction you like. Apart from the trays, there are also bowls available.

June Storage and Display Tray Collection

June Storage and Display Tray LIne

June is modular and stackable so that you can customize or adjust the system depending on your liking. The rotating mechanism makes it more accessible and fun. Even if more people have started to return to onsite work or school, some still spend their days at home. Working from home can be fun with office items that deliver fun form and function. June is only one solution, but we’re looking at it as an effective way to keep things clutter-free all the time.

June Storage and Display Tray Series

June Storage and Display Tray LIne