The NILS Cable Wants To Turn Phone Accessories Into Style Statements

The words “Do you have a charger?” are the new “Do you have a pen?”. Twenty years ago, people would forget to carry pens around with them (and they still do) and the technology race that followed thereafter has us begging for chargers and charging cables instead, when our phones, our literal lifeblood, run out of battery.

The charging cable wasn’t really designed to be an accessory you carry around with you. Phone companies make batteries that last a day only so that your phone doesn’t have to be tethered to a power source, but what do you do when you’ve stepped out of the house only just to realize you haven’t really charged your phone? The problem only gets worse when you realize you’re at a friend’s place, but they don’t have the charger you need because they use a phone running a different platform. A San Diego based company named Nordic Union wants to solve that problem by identifying the most effective route… what if we got people to carry charging cables with them?

In comes the NILS, a small USB-based charging cable that was designed to be more than utilitarian. Sitting around your wrist, the NILS looks like a stylish bracelet, with its braided-leather design, but it conceals within it, a Kevlar-based charging cable. Made to be a fashion accessory with a strong functional purpose, the NILS is a bracelet when you want, and a charging cable when you need. The USB and charger jacks dock into one another, forming a metal pendant of sorts at one end of the bracelet. Pull them apart, and the bracelet turns into a cable that you can use to either transfer data, or to juice your smartphone.

Available in a variety of colors, the NILS uses vegan leather around its exterior, giving it waterproof/water resistant properties (so you could step out in the rain with your NILS bracelet and that wouldn’t be a problem). The USB buckle uses a magnetic closure to hold it in place, while the cable itself comes with a Kevlar weave, making it practically indestructible. The NILS also comes in two sizes (2 models and 5 sizes)… a smaller variant wraps around your wrist, while the larger variant, NILS Duo, circles the wrist twice before clasping together. Available in MicroUSB, Lightning, and the increasingly popular USB-C options, the NILS showcases a wide variety of colors too, allowing you to own multiple bracelets to go with your style statement… and given that you’re more likely to wear the NILS as a fashion accessory, it automatically means you’ve always got yourself a cable to charge your phone wherever you go!

Designer: Amanda Hopkins

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NILS is a charge-and-sync cable that is hidden within a braided leather bracelet and built with DuPont™ Kevlar® Bulletproof fiber.


A chic accessory-like charging cable can perfectly integrate into your lifestyle.




Available in Lightning, Type C, Micro USB.

NILS use N52 Rare Earth Magnets to hold the bracelet together.

It will not get loosened easily with daily use.


NILS is created with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber to provide added protection for daily usage.


Ninja Black // Matte Black – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Olive Green // Matte Champagne Gold – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Dark Chocolate // Matte Gun Metal – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Midnight Blue // Matte Silver – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Revival Teal // Matte Silver – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Dusty Rose // Matte Silver – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)


Ash Grey // Matte Silver – NILS Solo (Right) | NILS Duo (Left)

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