All In One Haptic Phone

Eat your heart out multi-touchscreen iPhone. The Haptic phone not only sports the cool touchiness, but also the very cool hapticness. The entire front and back of the phone is a touchscreen. However the screen not only shows a graphic UI, it also sports a PUI (physical user interface). The surface area can raise to mimic all kinds of buttons.

Designer: Lukas Koh

Lukas Koh


  • Baay says:

    I hope this item isn’t criticized from another designer..

  • Anne Lentz says:

    It’s good idea that you point out tactile feeling.

  • jin woo han says:

    아 ㅋㅋ 형프린트에 리플달린거 보고 자꾸 형생각나서 웃겨요 ㅋ
    고 외국 ~!♥

  • Keebler says:

    Impossible to make. Some of these design exercises are neat, but I find they’re only interesting if they have a basis in reality OR are non-obvious and bring an innovative idea to the table. I would place say this is neither. It just makes me think, “Duh”

  • Nekai says:

    Does it look great? honestly, there is some terrible product design out there, and this doesn’t look any better. I thought the point of designing hypothetical products was to make them look better than things you can actually buy – this looks like an awkward, beefy iPhone prototype.

  • Adaminc says:

    I would hazard a guess it could be done with an electro or magneto viscous fluid and a thin touch-sensitive layer underneath that could map area’s pressed to various functions. The EV Fluid would perhaps need to be able to change volume possibly by magnetically attracting more fluid into the area of where the buttons will be, which would then expand into an area of plastic that is more elastic forming buttons before it finally became more viscous to the point of hardening. The button area’s would be designated by small coils that would be powered creating small electromagnets, that way it would be localized and only the button areas would become hard.

    • Bloody_Sorcerer says:

      I was thinking of something along those lines. We’ve all seen the awesomeness that ferrofluids can perform.
      However, i was thinking of something along the lines of pseudo-tactile buttons that merely give you the impression of having pushed a button… or something. some sort of electrical nerve trick thing. Your idea is much more plausible.

      • Gene says:

        Actually, I think you were thinking along the right lines. I’ve actually played with Immersion’s “tactile touchscreen” at my job, and they do a pretty decent job of simulating the sensation of a button press. What was actually going on was that the entire screen was being moved minutely – the whole setup required large motors behind the screen and would currently be impractical for a cell phone, but I can see it eventually making its way. It wouldn’t work with multi-touch though, which may be the directions all touchscreens are headed.

  • Patrick says:

    what kinda university do you go to to learn this stuff

  • kalla says:

    I am studying of interaction design.
    It’s nice to see your concept of “haptic”.
    I’d like to interchange information. Please send email to: [email protected]

  • Zachary Galt says:

    Actually, this technology has already been patented.

  • kelvin young says:

    Easy to think but hard to make.
    What’s the point?

  • merrian says:

    simple thinking is best !
    But we don’t know when it will be released.

  • jihya says:

    오우 잉글리쉬

  • Lukas Koh says:

    If you want to know more information.
    please e-mail me.

    [email protected]

  • teddy s choi says:

    베리 구웃~~~ ^^;;

  • truman says:


  • Andrew Velan says:

    Can’t believe someone else had this idea. I’ve been thinking about this pretty much since the iphone came out and ways in which to do it. I think it is very possible and could revolutionize user/computer interaction. Think about the possibilities for the BLIND (braille fonts)!

  • st-vi says:


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