Everyday Carry coin organizer for a fumble-free life!

With cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, physical money has become almost obsolete, and coins seem to have been the worst affected. We don’t always find ourselves lugging around coins, but there are certain situations; at parking meters, laundromats, vending machines, and self-serve car washes wherein coins are the only contenders. At these moments we either curse ourselves for not having some on us, or for the fact that we will have to drag the jiggling mass out of our pockets/wallets and spend a good five minutes shuffling through them. Dango, with their range of innovative products to back them up, have come up with a nifty little device to nullify this issue, the Coin Capsule!

A coin organizer created from aerospace-grade 6061 anodized aluminum, the Coin Capsule is your new accomplice on all your daily adventures. Where modern wallets fall short, the Coin Capsule comes through with its ability to hold almost $5.44 in change, that is 16 quarters, 10 dimes, 7 nickels, and 9 pennies. Fashioned perfectly to hold American coins, you simply need to slip your fingers into the contoured finger holes to twist the top for easy access, and slip your coins in or out. Carrying the handy disc is no task at all! Provided with a stainless steel clip, you can easily attach the Coin Capsule onto your pocket or bag strap. Dango also gives you the option of purchasing the capsule with a tether loophole made from a cobra-weave 550 paracord.

Available in the colors satin silver or jet black, this is a device you did not even know you needed. Gone are the days of coins jangling about in your pockets, or slipping out of your wallet when you need them the most, with Dango’s Coin Capsule, they’re just one twist away!

Designer: Dango Products

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