Fauld Chair transforms into a longer chair in a second

FAULD CHAIR Concept Design

What makes a good chair design? That is the perennial question among furniture designers. There is no one ultimate answer, but we look at a few things like the height, materials, structure, and the story behind the design.

The Fauld Chair is a unique space-saving creation of Andy Gilles. The Belgian graphic design student and designer has imagined a chair that is meant to be modular. It comes with three parts that can be made using different materials.

Designer: Andy Gilles


The chair you see here uses recycled plastic on all intersecting pieces. It’s a transformer chair as it also extends to a longer piece so more people can be accommodated. It’s ideal for public establishments and areas like maybe a hotel, beach resort, restaurant, bar, or the mall.

The Fauld Chair features a space for your stuff. The compartment also comes with a stopping point for the folding process. At first glance, you will probably be reminded of an egg slicer because of the lines and spaces. However, in its extended form, it looks like a comb.

This chair makes you imagine a lot of objects, so it can definitely be an excellent conversation starter wherever one is placed. Designer Andy Gilles’ previous works include concept designs of everyday products like Marshall headphones, Microsoft Surface Gaming Laptop, iPhone SE, and the iPhone 12 Pro. His chair design gives us something new in the furniture world, but we believe it has the potential to sell once it goes into production.

There is no mention of how the plastic material is made, but we are assuming the end product is sustainable. It looks like some plastic material with specks and colors, so no two chairs will be exactly alike. The material reminds us of the Flora Ceramic Planters with specks of color from a few months ago.


Extendable and adjustable furniture pieces are winners, even if they are just concept designs. The Transformer Table is suitable for any house, while the Anyways Concept Furniture functions as a lounge chair and storage. The Stay Warm Table can be a great companion for any growing child.

We also won’t forget that Flip Flap Children’s Chair that magically transforms into a step stool. The Dysta works as both a rocker and a high chair. The minimal and multifunctional furniture design, the & Chair, remains another favorite. It will actually remind you of the Fauld Chair with similar lines.