This multifunctional chair goes from a high chair to a rocker in the blink of an eye!

A simple yet highly functional chair designed to bring home multifunctional furniture to modern living while being easy to use!

The multifunctional nature of any furnishing unit comes down to the design of the individual modules. The individual modules can be easy or challenging to put together – and even though we buy the design with great plans, we end up not using the multiple diversities it offers (I’m talking about that fold-out couch that always stayed tucked in). Unlike most multifunctional furniture, which is bulky or too complicated, this vibrant chair is a pretty unique solution.

Designed by Xue Song, the multifunctional chair christened Dysta looks simple yet has a multitude of uses – ideal for any city apartment, your bedroom, or the backyard. By simply turning it around in a specific orientation, the function of Dysta changes dramatically. It goes from a high stool to a normal chair and then into a low seating in the blink of an eye.

The chair transforms – it can turn into a swing lounger when you need to relax and don’t have a rocking chair on your porch. Such is the design simplicity of the chair; it will fit into any section of your home, lifestyle, or interior.

The designer’s motivation to create the multifunctional chair is to create interactive spaces for happy and relaxed moments when desired. The use of colors also adds a pop – have just the right fun while balancing your vibe.

Xue created Dysta by welding four steel pipes together and then laser cutting the multiplex boards. This cool chair is the perfect example of achieving a functional design that will become an integral part of the user’s daily regime.

Designer: Xue Song