The swiveling and adjustable height of this table makes it a great companion to your growing child!

High chairs these days are designed with growing kids in mind. These chairs have an adjustable feature to accommodate toddlers right up to their teens, but what about a table? Here is this niche idea for a table and chair combo that will grow old with a child! Yeah at least that’s how the designer thinks, but how long its wood will last or when your kid or you will get bored of it is debatable.

The brainchild of Korean designer Seunghee Seo, this furniture unit is dubbed Stay Warm – for the bond, it intends to generate between child and parents. This L-shaped single piece of furniture lets you seat the toddler in a dedicated high chair with crotch support, while you occupy the seat on the opposite side. This same level seating across the table ensures you can feed the child comfortably and maintain direct eye contact with your child as the skin and frequent eye contact can “help foster emotional stability and happiness.”

Kids grow really fast and before you even realize your child would have outgrown the high chair and would be ready to move to your seat on the far side. For the kid’s convenience in adolescence, the seat’s height can be easily adjusted so that the furniture can accompany them from infancy to adulthood and beyond. For its robust construction to live out the test of time, Stay Warm is made from wood extracted from Hinoki Cypress native to central Japan. The wood is known for its anti-bacterial properties, which makes this furniture ideal for your family.

This unit can be used at various stages of a person’s growing age. The height-adjustable and swiveling seat makes it convenient to sit and eat or work. So it can be your child’s dining, study, and relaxing furniture all-in-one. Stay Warm comes in a choice of four colors pale green, pale yellow, pale violet, and pale pink. If you’re a new parent, give this one a good warm look!

Designer: Seunghee Seo