ANYWAYS Concept Furniture can transform into a lounge chair, table, and storage

ANYWAYS Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture pieces are perfect for small and compact homes. There is a demand for such items because of limited space, as well as, the need to keep clutter at bay.

When a furniture item is not frequently used, it could be deemed a waste, but that doesn’t have to happen. Multi-function products are essential, especially these days when people are trying to keep things simple. ANYWAYS is a solution for people who live in small spaces yet want to have the full benefits of having different furniture pieces.

Kshitij Gangurde

ANYWAYS Furniture

The ANYWAYS concept furniture can work as a lounge chair for relaxing. Flip it and then it can work as a dining or work table. The space underneath can then be used for storage as a shelf where you can put some books or maybe pillows or a blanket. You can use the space in either mode, depending on your need.

The furniture concept shows us one structure can be used for different purposes. It can be a chair or a table, but you can mistake it for a sculpture on its own. It can also be another conversation starter because of the unique design.

ANYWAYS Multipurpose Furniture Piece

ANYWAYS Furniture Sketch

ANYWAYS appear to be wooden, but we won’t be surprised if versions with different materials like plastic or concrete will be introduced. The concrete version may be challenging to flip because of the possible weight. A plastic version may be lighter, but durability may be compromised. At the moment, we believe wood is the best material to use.

ANYWAYS Chair to Table

ANYWAYS can be a table, shelf space, and a relaxing chair in one. The table mode may be low, but it’s the kind usually seen in Korean or Japanese homes. The shelf space is just enough for you to store things you want to reach easily.

The lounge chair mode doesn’t appear to be very comfortable because there is no foam used anywhere. We just know you can be free to lay down here to relax or take a nap. You can position it in your living room and not worry about it blending with your interior, as it can match most homes with its minimalist look. The multipurpose furniture can be used in any way you want but is limited to home functions only. Perhaps kids can use it as a play gym where their imagination can go wild.

ANYWAYS Inspiration

The designer of this concept is an Industrial Design student from Australia. Kshitij Gangurde’s design principle is to develop possible solutions to problems with an innovative form and design. He usually starts his process by sketching and then generating a concept design. ANYWAYS was an idea introduced in 2020, back when people were forced into lockdown due to the pandemic. We see this as more than just a product of boredom but out of the need to improve the home.

ANYWAYS Lounge Chair

ANYWAYS 3 in 1 Purpose