Lego-inspired suitcase is ready to roll and be stacked like real bricks

LEGO Luggage Features

Most of us may not be traveling yet the way we did during the pre-pandemic, but many have courageously started booking flights and flying to different destinations. It’s as if people are doing revenge travel after two years of not being able to do so. I haven’t but I might soon and I need to shop for a new suitcase.

If you’re planning on finally going out of town, you may need to prepare for your first trip. Make sure it’s a big one because you deserve to be out and about. It may be time to shop for new stuff, and you may start with getting a new luggage because you deserve all the cool things in life.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere

LEGO Luggage 2

Liam de la Bedoyere designed a suitcase that can be stacked like legos. It really looks like a lego brick, complete with a pair of tubes on one side and six studs. There is a handle on the right and another one on top.

The designer is head of design for Dalebrook Supplies in the UK. His works vary, but we mostly use everyday objects at home like a bread bin, water dispenser, drill organizer, and a pizza-making kit. We won’t forget his Nintendo Joy-Cam, which definitely made an impression even if it’s just a concept. The latest is the lego luggage that was also rendered in blue and gray, stacked together. This reminds us very much of the Room Copenhagen x Lego collaboration.

LEGO Luggage Design

LEGO Luggage Concept

This concept luggage design is perfect for Lego fans and the child-at-heart. We won’t stop you from using it as storage for your lego brings, but it will be much cooler if used for travel. Imagine the stares you will be getting from the parents and the kids when you are at the airport.

Liam de la Bedoyere, aka Bored Eye Design on Instagram, said he created this when he was bored. Well, it doesn’t matter when this was imagined. We just love the design as it takes us back to our childhood. We’re certain others have also thought about such a design, but Liam knows how to make it more fun and attractive.

LEGO Luggage Concept

Other attractive luggage designs have been featured here like the Lulley luggage and the bubble-wrap-inspired luggage from Rimowa and Running Guy Studio. The Bungalow Luggage can be the perfect outdoor companion. We also won’t forget that NASA-level luggage Elon Musk must consider.

LEGO Luggage 2