Exercising With Magnets and Dumbbells

I like the Magnetic Dumbbells for two reasons: looks and properties. I don’t need to elaborate the looks part but here’s the info on the properties or functioning. The pair of dumbbells (North Pole {NP} charged) comes with a cradle and some South Pole (SP) pointer magnets. The idea is to add weight to the dumbbells by increasing the magnetic power of attraction between the SP pointers and the NP Dumbbells. Alas, the story gets complicated and….

To get a good workout, you need to spread the SP pointers around your workout area so that equal attraction force is available from all corners. You get to adjust the magnetic frequency and other details via the cradle. Essentially the dumbbells in your hands when held vertically activate the SP pointers after a few seconds. At the end of the session, when you hold them horizontally, the SP pointers deactivate.

You can pre-set the power and frequency of the dumbbells, but all this settings and efforts really make me woozy! I also don’t particularly care about the SP pointers’ restrictive spacing. What if I’m in the mood for some aerobics with weights and need ample floor to work out?

Worth appreciating is the thought of having a single dumbbell which can have varying weights. Now you guys are the designers out there, tell me how to make this work!

Designers: Sang-Hoon Lee

Magnetic Dumbbells by Sang-Hoon Lee





  • brian t says:

    Um … no. The magnetic attraction between poles follows an inverse square law: double the distance, quarter the attraction. It drops off so rapidly that you’d need an immensely powerful magnet to get any attraction over more than a short distance.

    Even if you could get that powerful a field, it would be unusable: move the dumbbell a little closer, and it’s yanked from your hand – or your arm is ripped off. If you dropped a dumbbell, it could fly around the room, since it would naturally rotate, presenting N/S/N/S … to the magnets.

    In summary: this design is not realistically possible to build – and if you could build it, it would probably kill you.

    • thunder_2008 says:

      Um, unlike most commenters’ herein, I would say that it has not been done. However, it is possible. After all the wright brothers proved all their detractors laughs to be wrong~!

      First the your ‘control cradles’ would need to be secured to the ground and either a mass of piled permanent magnets and/or electromagnets(latter being much better) would need a new ‘electronic control’ mechanism.

      Which would be able to modulate the power being driven to each control cradle.

      It is possible to turn on and off each weight in such a manner that it would not be physically noticable to the weight lifting user..but at the same time would allow for the exact control to prevent the bodily harm that could occur due to the massive amounts of force that the generating cradles’ would output to attract the bells.

      • TJ says:

        You obviously don’t realize how much energy it would take to create a field as strong as this, you would basically have an MRI machine in ur house, this would be completely unsafe, no matter what off switch you have, you could/would have flying objects, namely ur weights, sorry, this is not gonna happen, even if it is possible, it is illogical. It would never be safe enough. Not to mention, there are regulations on how much exposure to strong magnetic fields is safe and would need to be monitored. Just like x-rays, there are dangers of being in their presence over time.

      • brian t says:

        This isn’t one of those “pioneer” things: you would be going up against some pretty fundamental fundamental physical forces, and those forces can turn against you. There’s no magic to be found, no “finessing” the problem of how magnetic fields behave.

        I have no idea why the Wright Brothers’ names come up in conversations like this. They weren’t “renegades”, they were scientists who proceeded very cautiously. They didn’t HAVE detractors at all, since only a few friends and family knew what they were attempting before they were successful. They knew flight was possible: birds were already doing it, and could be studied. They spent YEARS doing wind tunnel tests and calculations, building and flying many models, and learning from others, before building their first Gliders. They made sure they understood the forces they were dealing with before putting their lives on the line, and before going public. There is no comparison between what they did and this unscientific speculation.

  • William says:

    You’d also need to figure out how to stop the floor magnets from jumping into the air with the magnetic force.

    Avoiding flying bits of metal could be incorporated into the workout routine though.

  • Jeff says:

    If I got a dollar for every stupid Yanko design…

    I’d be able to buy anything I want from the Yanko store.

  • reality says:

    no mobiles or watches or pc’s in area at all, with such a strong magnetic field this would kill them all!

  • V2 says:

    Yeah this is quite retarded, it only works for really short movements
    Magnets can destort all kind of thinks even probably brainfunctions
    Also would be terrible if your keys get stuck 😛

    • DivePeak says:

      “Magnets can destort all kind of thinks even probably brainfunctions”

      Hmmm… Perhaps the designer has spent a little too long in a strong magnetic field?

  • I know it is impossible technology.
    I really hope that you take a look at this concept interestingly.

    • TJ says:

      I like the sleek look, the shape is pleasing and you have tried to add a technological aspect to something so basic. But I would say you could put that talent to something more useful, or even plausible. I like far-out, only possible with future technology concepts. But this wasn’t very imaginative if you ask me.. But very pretty..

  • Liam says:

    IV seen it all naw!

  • Kevin says:

    Lol, this design is funny. If you had actually discovered a magnetic monopole you would probably win the Nobel prize.

    Rendering is top quality, but concept is too cumbersome, not to mention physically impossible. Sure, it would be great if you could prove me wrong on that! But for now I’ll stick to regular weights.

    • brian t says:

      Actually … some scientists, just this week, claim to have found a magnetic monopole! Not that that’s going to make any kind of difference here. I thought I was reading the text wrong, and that the N/S descriptions described orientation, but now I see that the designer really does think he’s going to install magnetic monopoles in his dumbbells. Someone needs a new thesis advisor, methinks.

    • Jeff says:

      haha i was surprised that I had to go through this many comments before someone pointed out that there’s no such thing as a magnetic monopole…

      • quantum says:

        Me too, i was really surprised when someone didn't point this out earlier. And even if the designer does plan on using magnetic monopoles, good luck making this product affordable considering that it must be so hard to make monopoles considering we haven't foung any yet.

      • quantum says:

        Me too, i was really surprised when someone didn't point this out earlier. And even if the designer does plan on using magnetic monopoles, good luck making this product affordable considering that it must be so hard to make monopoles considering we haven't foung any yet.

  • TJ says:

    Awful, illogical, unsafe, implausible.. etc. etc. etc. Unless this is from an imaginative third grader, this person should just keep this kind of thought to themselves. Or at least take a basic Physics course if they ever want to practice real world designs that people can actually use.

  • Lamah says:

    “How to make this work?” That’s simple, instead of magnets, attach the dumbbells to a resistance wheel built into the floor by cords. This gives you a variable workout in a compact package. And it almost certainly exists already.

  • thunder_2008 says:

    Lol…at brian t & TJ. I agree with what both of you say about this idea. In my comment I said it does not exist atm.

    And, I am not trying to make magic or finesse scientific laws of gravity. Instead I am only giving my opinion that it is possible whether the issues that you addressed are solved is what R&D is all about.

    And, as for what ‘logic’ is defined as per the wiki- Logic, from the Greek λογικός (logikos) [1] is the study of reasoning.[2] Logic is used in most intellectual activity, but is studied primarily in the disciplines of philosophy, mathematics, and computer science.

    Relative theory was doubted then embraced only to be ‘limited’ in totality by further theories such as quantum and string.

    If logic was ‘exclusive’ to relativity then quantum and string would be illogical.

    Yet the latter two theories are both very logical.

    Often the process of invention of very new products goes against what most if not all view as possible.

  • venati says:

    making a simple stuff getting more complicated, great~

  • dare says:

    Looks pretty good.better things for chrismas…

  • C4B7 says:

    It looks like this has followed the KIS Method of design in aesthetics, but in nothing else.
    This design is not possible at all and shows no research in to the technology of the design. Industrial design is as much knowledge as design. The really good designers know the tech they are using and how to apply it.

    First this shows no way of anchoring the magnets on the floor otherwise who will they pull on the handles when the desired weight is greater than the weight of the individual parts?

    Second there is no power source accounted for. This would require a tremendous amount of power, much more than even a lithium ion battery could provide.

    Thirdly magnets always have a north and south pole physically connected. Sorry that is the nature of a magnet. If you cut a magnet you get two smaller magnets with new north and south poles. This can be easily found in Wikipedia. You could have wires connected to the handles but that would defeat the purpose.

    The rendering looks good. Nice job. It won’t ever make it to R&D though.

  • DR. ARUN KUMAR DAS. says:


  • mik says:

    really funny.. I though about the idea of Magnetic Dumbbells a couple of years ago, and now, just out of interest, I googled it to see if it has been invented yet, and ended up here.. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait/weight more 🙂

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