Exercising With Magnets and Dumbbells

I like the Magnetic Dumbbells for two reasons: looks and properties. I don’t need to elaborate the looks part but here’s the info on the properties or functioning. The pair of dumbbells (North Pole {NP} charged) comes with a cradle and some South Pole (SP) pointer magnets. The idea is to add weight to the dumbbells by increasing the magnetic power of attraction between the SP pointers and the NP Dumbbells. Alas, the story gets complicated and….

To get a good workout, you need to spread the SP pointers around your workout area so that equal attraction force is available from all corners. You get to adjust the magnetic frequency and other details via the cradle. Essentially the dumbbells in your hands when held vertically activate the SP pointers after a few seconds. At the end of the session, when you hold them horizontally, the SP pointers deactivate.

You can pre-set the power and frequency of the dumbbells, but all this settings and efforts really make me woozy! I also don’t particularly care about the SP pointers’ restrictive spacing. What if I’m in the mood for some aerobics with weights and need ample floor to work out?

Worth appreciating is the thought of having a single dumbbell which can have varying weights. Now you guys are the designers out there, tell me how to make this work!

Designers: Sang-Hoon Lee

Magnetic Dumbbells by Sang-Hoon Lee