This sturdy luggage morphs into an attractive trolley for dual functionality when not traveling

How about getting a piece of luggage that converts into a trolley in the blink of an eye? A dual utility product that intends to serve all the avid travelers during their trips, and sits confidentially in the hallway as an attractive trolley.

For travel, most of us prefer the safety of a piece of luggage, as it keeps all the clothes and other stuff in an organized manner. But when not traveling what do we do with the sturdy luggage? We keep it in the basement store or tucked away in some corner of the garage. So why not make use of the luggage for something novel when not traveling? Something that goes seamlessly with the home interiors? You know where I’m heading, right?

Designers: Junsik Oh, Chaewon Lee and eunbin Kim

After having a vacation, it would be great if the luggage could be converted into an attractive trolley to keep mementos, desk clock, family frames, or even books. That’s exactly what the Lulley luggage is about. It doubles as trolley storage for modern homes in the most enticing manner possible. According to the brainchild of the concept, the imagined product fills the usability gap by combining the function of a trolley with luggage. The idea is to make judicious use of a suitcase that’ll otherwise be out of sight when not needed. The frequency of use of luggage is very less, and it ends takes up space unnecessarily in your home.

Lulley takes advantage of the form factor similarity between luggage and trolley – therefore it doesn’t deviate much from the user’s experience of using the product. When not being used as luggage, Lulley can be dissembled into two halves by disengaging the locks. Thereafter, the shelves can be easily slid into the empty space to morph into a trolley. Both the halves of the luggage attach to each other in an open configuration to create a dual-sided trolley to store more than you would have bargained for!

The designers have managed to propose a design that looks highly practical, something that most of us would actually want for its multiple uses. This makes even more sense for small urban spaces where smart use of stuff is most valued. Converting luggage into a beautiful trolley seems like a good prospect for times where mindful and minimalist living is valued.