This bubble-wrap inspired semi-translucent luggage is easy-to-spot and carry

In a world where the brand Rimowa is very popular among travel influencers, it may be time for us to look for an alternative. It’s not the only brand in the world. And no, we’re not getting any monogrammed trunk from another luxury fashion house.

Running Guy Studio is offering something new and different. From the same team that introduced the Air Type Keyboard a few weeks ago, here comes a new suitcase that will already come with bubble wrap-like protection. It’s not just another design that should remain an idea. We think this one should go into production. And if it does, we know it will quickly fly off the shelves.

Designer: Running Guy Studio

The Running Guy luggage is made of plastic shell with a translucent design that comes from the bubble wrap idea. It doesn’t just show what’s inside but also protects everything in it. Like any bubble-wrapped item, your stuff can be well-protected.

The hard case is polycarbonate which is now a common material used for luggage. The overall look and feel of the Running Guy luggage are edgy. It’s not totally loud as your things are kept slightly covered but the design is one of a kind. Heads will definitely turn if they see you with this at the airport or rolling down the aisle of the plane.

The Running Guy Semi-Translucent Luggage Where to Buy

The bubble wrap inspiration translates to the kind of protection it offers. The aluminum hardware found in the corners and edges provides a rugged but classy look. Running Guy Studios’ design philosophy can be sometimes irrational but not this one.

The Running Guy Semi-Translucent Luggage Details

As an experience studio, the Running Guy Studio aims to make experiences real. There are reasons why a product design is such as it often solves the needs of the consumers. With this luggage, our demands to have an easy-to-spot and durable piece are answered. A metal version is also ready for those who don’t want others to see what’s inside their suitcase.

The life of a jet setter is something we may not freely live these days but no one’s stopping us to dream. And here we are dreaming and living vicariously with all these product ideas and concept designs. When the pandemic is over and tourism will be fully open as before, we’ll be ready with this translucent luggage from Running Guy.

The Running Guy Semi-Translucent Luggage Design