C1 Budde Lounge Chair’s form is made of a single line of stainless steel

This special lounge chair will have you inspecting every curve and detail. You will be amazed by how this furniture piece has been designed, starting with the steel material and the transparent acrylic glass. The combination of the materials makes it one attractive piece.

The C1 Lounge Chair is designed and manufactured in Germany. Its frame is 100% made of quality steel, transparent acrylic glass, and polished seat shells and measures 80 x 65 x 70cm. The chair has been recognized and shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Award 2020 and the Ein&Zwanzig Newcomer Award 2020.

Designer: Johannes Budde

C1 Budde Lounge Chair Detail Design

C1 Budde Lounge Chair

A series of furniture has been introduced to show off pieces with a formal language based on a hand drawing. It’s like calligraphy but only with a single line. The result is a form created by an interplay between drawing and a physical object.

The stainless steel frame can be in different color options. Three powder-coated color combinations are available. The acrylic seat shells are also ready in different colors. The chair is considered durable and can be adjusted to different body shapes and sizes. This is made possible by the clamps attached to the backrest of the frame. The chair’s flexibility and adaptability are for comfort and support.

C1 Budde Lounge Chair Rear

C1 Budde Lounge Chair Detail

This C1 Lounge Chair can offer an elegant appeal to private living rooms and hotel lobbies. It will also look great at fashion boutiques as if it’s an art sculpture. This minimalist chair is an adaptable seating system with an organic shape that looks pleasing and memorable. Johannes Budde said, “This process of intuitive form-finding to create a functional product leads to a symbiosis of form and function, which excites me.”


C1 Budde Lounge Chair Design

What also makes this a worthy choice is that it adheres to sustainability requirements, especially during the development process. The material finishes and details of the design add to the chair’s beauty. The shape and curves offer a bit of sensuality to the form.

We have seen a number of equally stunning and interesting chair designs recently. There is the Migo Chair designed from a single wood board. The Tippi Chair is meant to tilt and tip at a comfortable angle. The Please Hold Up Chair remains light and playful. The Meditation Chair is set to offer space and calmness while the Nodding Chair allows you to slightly rock your seat while reading. On some levels, this one is like the 3D-printed Central Knot Chair for its elegant lounge chair appeal.

C1 Budde Lounge Chair 3

C1 Budde Lounge Chair 4

C1 Budde Lounge Chair 2