Nodding Chair lets you slightly rock your seat while reading

As someone who loves to read, and read for long periods of time, I know that wooden chairs are the least comfortable ones to sit on while finishing a good book. And I’ve also tried to read while on a regular rocking chair and that made me dizzy since the constant big movements are a bit too much for my poor eyes. But staying put in a chair can still be uncomfortable and you need some type of motion while you’re reading. This product concept seems to be the perfect one for bookworms like me.

Designer: Ilseop Yoon

While rocking chairs are good for relaxation, they’re not always good for floors and if you’re like me, for our eyes and peace of mind. The designer thought of a new way to have a chair that can be comfortable and still let your body have its range of natural motion while reading, resting, or even writing (if you’re used to that). The Nodding Chair can be tilted forward and backward, letting you make smaller movements that won’t make you too nauseous.

The way it’s designed and structured is pretty ingenious. Instead of the entire chair moving, only the seat can swing in small movements. This way, you still have motion but not too much. Also, there’s less pressure on the floor so you won’t get marks and scratches, as some owners of rocking chairs have realized eventually. The Nodding Chair allows the chair to move with you as you occasionally change positions while reading. You may even actually nod off to sleep or at least a nap.

Even better, it comes with a partner footstool. I for one love reading with my feet up that’s why I prefer doing so on a sofa or in my bed. This way, you’re sitting on a slightly moving chair and you get to put your feet up for a more comfortable position. My only quibble with this product concept is that the seat itself doesn’t seem to be that comfortable as it’s just plain wood and there’s no cushion to, well, cushion my butt.

But in any case, this is something I will definitely want to get if someday this becomes available in the market. I always want to add furniture, appliances, and devices that will give me a more enhanced reading experience.